Gender Wars: The Battle Of The Sexes Continues…


From multi-taskers to power moms, are women truly ‘brainier’ compared to men?

Men and women are totally different, and are complete opposites of each other. It has been often said that they originate from two entirely different worlds. Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.  What exactly makes the state of mind of both sexes so diverse is simply being, men tend to “compartmentalize” things – they think in ‘boxes’. Women, on the contrary, literally think in ‘wires’. Women’s brain is hardwired and more interconnected in almost all aspects, issues and events. No wonder women often recall or remember things way better compared to men. There is conclusive evidence and undisputable fact that women are by far superior to men in terms of “multi-tasking”. The female brain is simply much more effective and efficient than the male brain too, period!


Men are inherently less complicated than women in general. The average or ordinary men are simple creatures who could less about how they dress, what they consume for lunch, or where they go to shop for the latest gadgets. Whether men are having sex, playing competitive sports or watching action movies, men’s brains are constantly or consistently made up of “little boxes”. Men have got a box for everything. They got a box for gadgets, a box for money, a box for job, and a box for women too. The cardinal rule or “prime directive” pertaining to men’s boxes is that you can see the boxes, but there is no touching. When a man discusses a specific subject, he goes to a particular box. After he is done, he closes that box and tucks it away, and he is always careful not to touch the other boxes.


Contrary to popular belief, women’s brains consist of a big ball of wire or mesh. Almost everything is connected to everything else. Money is connected to car; car is connected to job; job connected to home; and vice versa. In simple terms, everything is literally “inter-connected”. It is somewhat akin to the internet superhighway, and it is driven or propelled by a common “sensitive energy” we have all come to recognize as emotions. Emotion is also one of the primary or fundamental reasons why women tend to remember everything they encounter or experience – the recall power of women is simply amazing and astonishing!

Suppose if you take a memorable or unforgettable event or incident, and you connect or associate it with emotion, it burns into your mind and imprints upon your memory more depending on your mental state or psychological condition. This also happens to men as well although not quite as often when compared with women. Unlike women, men are simply nonchalant about such trivial stuff and fluffy matter. Women at times care excessively to the point of being “over-sensitized”. This is also the reason why women are generally more sensitive than men. It is women’s nature to be “over-reactive” to issues that matter to them.


Men, however, can be so oblivious to others that they just do not care or even empathize. All men possess something called the ‘nothing box’. In this box, they tend to stash away all their unwanted emotions and henceforth, men sometimes do appear to be agonizingly silent on issues that almost always provoke women to react or respond. Women’s brains on the other hand are not programmed to compartmentalize emotions and to store them in their “cerebral storeroom”. Women are always thinking about something most of the time – their brain is constantly on overdrive spewing out emotive feelings and emotional thoughts.

Undoubtedly, this has led to a situation of great dilemma to women – they can often be indecisive or unsure about their actions; whether to follow their logic or to follow their heart. The female mind is horrendously complex for this fact and reason alone. Typically, a woman’s answer or solution to any question or problem is neither simple nor straightforward. In the immortal words of the great and magnanimous physicist Albert Einstein, “Women always worry about the things that men forget. Men always worry about the things that women remember.”


Whatever real life distinctions or differences between men and women, it is without doubt gender equality plays a more important role in relationships between both sexes. It is absolutely vital or crucial to recognize and embrace the various differences or variations between the opposite sexes. Gender inequality exists for good reasons and with sensible justifications. The validity of sexual differences only serves to drive the opposite sexes apart. Instead, we should all strive to accept our respective flaws, setbacks, drawbacks, weaknesses and differences in creating a more inclusive and equitable society with equal rights and just laws. We can all learn to live together, united in common harmony, living a life of joy, sharing and caring, as well as being compassionate to others. – HFM