Empire Shopping Gallery Operations Halted Temporarily


Acting on the advice of the Fire Department and in the interest of public safety, the management of Empire Shopping Gallery has taken the decision to halt all operations until further notice.

Investigations are currently on-going with Bomba Forensics expected to release the preliminary report within the next 48hours.

“We have taken the decision to halt operations as safety is our highest priority. We assure all our tenants that this decision has been made after carefully considering all factors and advise from the authorities. Empire Shopping Gallery prides itself on providing a quality retail experience and we will do whatever necessary under this circumstance to facilitate that, moving forward,” said May Woo, General Manager, Empire Shopping Gallery.

May further said that tight security has been implemented around the premises and urged all affected parties to contact the hotline should they require information.

“I urge all parties to refrain from speculation and allow the authorities to carry out their investigations. We are also anxious to find out what caused this incident,” said May.

The public can get updates or request for information via the various channels that have been implemented, namely through the website (www.esg.com.my), Facebook (www.facebook/esg.com.my ) and Twitter (Empire SHGallery.com). Alternatively, you can call the hotline at 018 701 2880