Elizabeth Holmes: Self-Made Billionaire Sociopreneur Genius…


Empowering Women In The Pursuit Of Technological Innovations

Few people in history have ever achieved such success and glory as Elizabeth Holmes. Her life story reads like a who’s who in the world of technology and entrepreneurship. Her accomplishments are nothing short of spectacular – amassing awards after awards. Her mission and vision in life is even more astonishing considering the countless number of accolades that have been bestowed upon her. Her abundant passion and relentless enthusiasm speak volumes about her character and personality. Recently, she was listed as one of the top ten most influential females in technology and ranked #435 on the Forbes 500 list of the world’s richest persons on Earth. Together with her start-up firm Theranos, she is estimated to have a total net worth of a staggering sum of USD 3.6 billion! Most of her vast fortune is attributed to her incredible intellect and credited to her uncompromising perseverance, as well as consistent hard work and dedication par excellence. The genesis or birth of Theranos is bound to radically transform the future landscape of the global pharmaceutical industry. With an ever increasing cost in medical fees and insurance, including MediCare, what Theranos offers to consumers is undoubtedly godsend and without parallel or comparison. Her simple, cheap yet effective blood-testing kits have received much praise and rave reviews from peers as well as industry professionals alike. Major rivals or competitors, such as LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics, have swiftly denounced her breakthroughs as pure gimmick or hype. It is truly an inspirational story of one woman’s quest to break traditional myths and stereotypes, as well as to empower women towards a common goal to create innovations in technology. Elizabeth’s staunch belief in stoicism, discipline and sacrifice have always been deeply influenced by ‘Meditations’ – a classic biography-cum-philosophical treatise written by the great Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus who ruled from 161 – 180 AD. It was this book that first began to inspire her to build her life around good deeds, self-belief and personal sacrifice. It is also her constant selflessness that continuously motivated her to help the poor and the disadvantaged. Henceforth, even prior to completing her studies, she left Stanford University’s School of Engineering to set up Theranos with her life savings which was meant for her college education. She then went on to develop Theranos, revolving around her patents and a steadfast belief that access to health information is a basic human right. With sheer determination and unwavering patience, she subsequently conceived an ingenious method of performing multiple tests simultaneously, using identical micro-samples, and transmitting the results or data remotely to a medical doctor. She was ultimately awarded a patent in November 2007 for her novel idea. To date, she holds some 18 U.S. patents and 66 non-American patents listed under her name. She has also been named as co-inventor in more than a hundred patent-pending applications. Medical diagnosis and blood sampling/testing will never be quite the same again. Theranos’ cutting-edge and groundbreaking test kit is the way of the future. Blood testing will be convenient and hygienic, sampling results will be fast and accurate, cost of the test kit is completely affordable and does burn a hole in one’s budget. Furthermore, only a single drop of blood is required from the applicant to fulfill or meet the full medical prerequisites and testing protocols. Dr. Holmes has also led the passing of the first law in American history to provide individuals the sole and explicit right to direct or live access of laboratory test results. The law itself was based on a draft or legal document which she has written on her own – thereby empowering seven million local residents within Arizona, and facilitating engagement with the protection of physicians’ rights, as well as creating a model for other states across America – in order to shift towards preventive healthcare, cost transparency and individual empowerment. The prodigious doctor herself was also ranked #1 on Business Insider’s 2015 Silicon Valley Top 100 Female Technopreneurs – an annual listing of people who matter most in technology. At the age of 31, she also happens to be the youngest ever self-made female billionaire worldwide, totally eclipsing the previous record holder – Sara Blakely, one of America’s most successful and iconic female entrepreneurs, who founded the phenomenally popular lingerie and leggings corporation – SPANX! – HFM