Real Estate agents and negotiators nationwide are now able to connect with developer properties for easier and faster sales




Petaling Jaya, 8th October, 2019: New proptech firm Didian Realtor Sdn Bhd today launched Malaysia’s first B2B property marketplace aimed at reinventing property sales. The platform, available in both web and mobile app versions, would help both property developers and real estate agents and negotiators to connect and drive the property sales of curated units at projects that are under construction or close to completion. A total of nine projects by eight well known property developers launched on the system, offering a property inventory worth almost RM 1 billion in Gross Development Value (GDV) for agents and negotiators across Malaysia to sell. The launch came after a robust testing phase that saw 300 agents and negotiators successfully use the marketplace. In his speech, Chow Nam Kit, Director of Didian Realtor Sdn Bhd, reiterated that Didian’s business proposition had been developed around its customer’s needs which are increasingly mobile first and experience centric.

Groupshot after the official launch of Didian, Malaysia’s first B2B marketplace: (From left) Chow Nam Kit, Director of Didian Realtor Sdn Bhd, Ernest Towle, Assistant General Manager of StarProperty and Brian Wong, Chief Technology Officer of Didian Realtor Sdn Bhd.


Our platform digitizes the sales process allowing agents and negotiators unparalleled access to ongoing developer product offerings at the click of a button; facilitating and accelerating property sales for our stakeholders. This is the core focus of our business and also engine for continued, sustainable growth.”



The Malaysian-made platform leverages a proprietary algorithm to power Malaysia’s first property marketplace and mobile app to improve agent-project matching. It considers variables such as location, skillset and expertise. The system also features digital booking, real-time data access, commissions status tracking and supports backend administrative processes, allowing agents and negotiators to focus on what they do best. Didian Realtor Sdn Bhd also entered into a strategic collaboration with StarProperty, a part of The Star Media Group Berhad, that would see both parties work together on co-marketing the platform to both the real estate fraternity as well as property developers.



Ernest Towle, Assistant General Manager of StarProperty (left) and Chow Nam Kit, Director of Didian Realtor Sdn Bhd (right) during the launch gambit of Didian.



Ernest Towle, Assistant General Manager of StarProperty said “this strategic collaboration will enhance the solution set offered to partner property developers, granting agents and negotiators that are using our StarProperty platform an additional revenue stream by allowing them to participate within the Didian marketplace and deepening the richness of the real estate ecosystem.”


Chow added that the collaboration with StarProperty would also enhance awareness of the Didian property marketplace amongst real estate professionals as well as catalyse interest from property developers. The strategic collaboration also sits alongside Didian’s mission to help real estate agents and negotiators to better manage their sales as well as their income to help meet their financial obligations.


Developed in response to the needs of both property developers and the real estate fraternity, the system offers a comprehensive set of benefits. Through the platform, reputable property developers can tap into the sales potential of hundreds or even thousands of agents and negotiators nationwide to sell their properties. For agents and negotiators, Didian offers a seven days express commission scheme payable from the date the SPA and Loan agreement is signed. Negotiators are also able to take part in selling projects by reputable developers regardless of their size and geographic area. Chow said that his experience within the real estate industry prompted his desire to address this issue. “For many years, negotiators mostly had to wait anywhere between three to six months to receive their commissions and I have personally seen how this delay affects their livelihood.”



Chow Nam Kit, Director of Didian Realtor Sdn Bhd, during his speech shared that one of Didian’s key features is that it offers real estate agents and negotiators a 7 days express commission scheme payable from the date the SPA and loan agreement is signed.



We are also happy to announce the “Super 9” campaign whereby for the next nine weekends, agents and negotiators are invited to bring their customers over to the showrooms of nine selected projects. Should an agent or negotiators secure a booking for a project from their customers that later leads to a confirmed sale, the agent or negotiator will be able to claim a ticket for all-expenses paid trip to Taipei, Taiwan for every booking that is successfully converted. These rewards are sponsored by StarProperty,” said Chow.




About Didian


Didian is Malaysia’s first B2B property marketplace that offers agents and negotiators 7 days express commissions. A new proptech start up, Didian Realtor Sdn Bhd is backed by an experienced team that includes a co-founder of JobStreet. Integrating technology into conventional processes, Didian aims to bring property sales to a whole new level. For more information, visit www.mydidian.com