A Tin-Town’s Emerging Potential


Once a small but busy tin mining town, the quiet settlement of Rawang located at the northern part of Selangor is now a thriving territory with over 30,000 residents. Although tin mining was how the town got started, it no longer serves as the town’s main activity. The town was always considered to have great potential due to high density of development in and around the town area.

Land transaction activity in Rawang has been very aggressive. Mah Sing Group for example, purchased two parcels of adjacent land measuring 157 acres in aggregate gross area in Bandar Kundang in 2012. The group also acquired Semai Meranti Sdn Bhd, the registered and beneficial owner of all parcels of contiguous development land within the Northern Growth Corridor in Rawang, measuring approximately 225.7 acres (year 2011). Other noticeable land transactions include the disposal of 37.91 acres of development land by Bina Eksotik Sdn Bhd to Next Fortune Sdn Bhd in Taman Saujana Rawang (year 2011). This was preceded by the disposal of 38.15 acres of development land by Bedford Industrial Dev Sdn Bhd to Golden Masterpiece Sdn Bhd along Jalan Rawang-Batang Berjuntai (year 2010) and the disposal of 22.15 acres by Shang Yong (Sabah) Sdn Bhd to Rentak Arena (M) Sdn Bhd along Jalan Rawang Batu Arang (year 2010).

Located approximately 30 km to the north of Kuala Lumpur, Rawang is accessible via the North-South Highway and Rawang trunk road. On June 2011, the KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR Expressway) was officially opened, linking Kuala Lumpur via Templer’s Park with the township of Ijok, creating an alternative road link. The expressway successfully shortened the travelling distance between Kuala Lumpur, Rawang and Ijok, hence making it more feasible for Rawang residents to work in the city, and vice versa. Travelling by KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) trains is also possible, via the KTM Rawang Station sited nearby the Rawang town.

Apart from the improved accessibility, the surrounding amenities should also be taken note of. In year 2010 and beginning of 2012, Tesco Rawang and Aeon Rawang Shopping Centre started their operation along Jalan Rawang and Persiaran Anggun, Taman Anggun. Besides that, there are also existing retail centers such as Giant, Parkson, NSK Supermarket and Mydin Store.

The town of Rawang has always been known as one that possesses great potential, and that potential is starting to show. There is no way the gamers will miss the chance to poach a piece of the Rawang cake. Mah Sing Group and Glomac Rawang Sdn Bhd of Glomac Berhad have already made their steps into the town with projects M Residence Rawang and Saujana Rawang, respectively – both currently under construction as residential dwellings. Besides that, notable on-going or launched projects are those such as Anggun City by Hong Bee Land, T-Park Land in Templer Park (condominium) by MCT and Saffron Puteri Heights (3-story semi-detached houses) by Hartawan Pasifik Sdn Bhd and Emerald Rawang (linked houses) by Guocoland.

Located at the western portion of Rawang is Bandar Tasik Puteri. It is a predominantly residential town in character with very huge portion undeveloped land remaining. The project was helmed by Asia Pacific Land Berhad (AP Land), which was acquired by Low Yat Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd in 2012. The group now handles the entire business and undertakings of AP Land – Bandar Tasik Puteri is one of them. With Low Yat Group taking over Bandar Tasik Puteri, several projects were planned and launched at Garden Heights, Bandar Tasik Puteri, such as low-rise residential dwelling units.

The recorded sales of existing residential schemes in Rawang are as follows.

Prices of Residential Properties in Rawang.

Data compiled (refer to Prices of Residential Properties in Rawang) revealed that the residential sector generally went on an upward trend in terms of pricing within the past few years for selected schemes within Rawang. Preferable schemes in Rawang, like Bandar Country Homes, Kota Emerald, Taman Bukit Rahman Putra (Mukim Rawang), Taman Bukit Rawang Jaya and Taman Rawang Perdana experienced significant increases throughout the years.

A total of 642 transactions were recorded for residential properties in the selected areas from year 2009 to 2011. Out of the total transaction, Bandar Tasik Puteri possesses approximately 45% of the recorded transactions while the rest is equally distributed among the other remaining schemes. Year 2010 recorded the highest number of transaction (266) compared to 2009 (155) and 2011 (221), among the selected schemes.

In the commercial sector, Rawang Commercial Centre (The Reef) for instance, a three-story shop-office with a land size of 1,650 sq ft was transacted at RM745,000 in 2009. The selling price then rose at least 30% in year 2010 ranging between RM980,00 to RM1,300,000. It then further increased between RM1,100,000 to RM1,460,000 in 2011.

The Low Yat Group recently launched a residential project called Garden Heights in Bandar Tasik Puteri Rawang with double-story terrace houses (18′ x 75′) priced from RM290,000 and low-rise apartment units priced from RM72,000 (bumi units). On the other hand, Mah Sing Group and Glomac Berhad have also launched their projects (terrace houses) which are priced between RM582,800 (22′ x 80′) and RM428,888 (22′ x 70′), and above. T-Park Land Condominium by MCT was launched at a price of RM370,000 for a built-up of 1,210 sq ft, while Aveda Taman Desa Mas Rawang, a joint venture project by Desa Mahumas Sdn Bhd and Proven Development and Construction Sdn Bhd was launched at the price of RM295,000 onwards for a 1,300 sq ft terrace house.

Other than the ones mentioned above, some higher-end projects have also been launched. Zero-lot bungalows known as Zara by Glomac Berhad (3,600 sq ft) was launched at a price of RM776,000 onwards and Saffron Puteri Heights semi-detached houses (3,600 sq ft) were priced from RM690,000 onwards. Guoco Land Malaysia, a member of the Hong Leong Group launched their projects at Emerald Rawang which were two- and two-and-a-half-story terrace houses between 1,920 sq ft to 2,080 for a price of RM748,800 onwards. Anggun City semi-detached houses by Hong Bee Land was launched at RM688,000 onwards for a 3,000 sq ft unit.

With the improved accessibility, amenities and entertainment element present in town such as the TGV cinema in Aeon Rawang Shopping Centre, Rawang is progressively turning itself into a self-sustainable township with great ability to continuously attract developers and residents from across the Klang Valley. With so much activity in the mix, there is no-doubt that Rawang is finally realizing its true nature and potential



Sr Wong Wen Chet is the Managing Director of Oregeon Property Consultancy Sdn Bhd. He is a Registered Valuer & Registered Estate Agent and has more than six years experience in the property field and is also a Committee Member of REHDA Youth






Sr Lee Sheau Huey is the Director of Oregeon Property Consultancy Sdn Bhd. She is a Registered Valuer & Registered Estate Agent with more than six years professional real estate experience mainly in research and valuation of residential and commercial properties.