A Refreshing Spring


What’s to anticipate in Spring if not a refreshing start to the year? Advancing development in the real estate sector through satisfying public demand, “Continued strong growth is expected in the 2011 cycle,” says Steven Paul Bielinski, Marketing & Communications Manager of VNU Exhibitions, revealing what Shanghai Spring Overseas Property Exhibition has installed for property enthusiasts come March 2011.

What can people expect from the coming exhibition?
The Shanghai Spring Real Estate Market Exhibition is one of the best known exhibitions in the greater Shanghai real estate sector today. Founded on the guiding principle of “advancing development in the real estate sector through satisfying public demand”, Shanghai Spring is a professionally oriented, economically market based and legally codified real estate exchange, both comprehensive in nature and expansive in scale.

Who are these people and why should they attend this event?
The vast majority of the 130,000 strong audience expected to attend Shanghai Spring 2011 are Chinese (especially in the Shanghai and greater Yangtze Delta River Region) who intend to purchase property over the next year.

What would be the major and interesting highlights for the coming event?
For the first time, in 2011, Spring will introduce a devoted Overseas Property Investment Hall, welcoming property developers from Australia, New Zealand, North America, South East Asia and beyond.

In addition, Spring 2011 will include a Paradise Home Living component, which will serve as a one-stop purchasing platform for those interested in purchasing property and then renovating/decorating, advocating smart home technologies, eco-friendly production and materials, and top fashion brands.

At the same time, we will launch feature areas made up of three different display components (see Spring 2011 Highlights). Here, visitors will experience first hand the creativity, vision, and technological innovations that are making life more convenient day by day.

What is your outlook for China’s property market in 2011?
Continued strong growth is expected in the 2011 cycle. Recent control measures put in place by the Chinese central government may lead to greater investment in overseas property markets and flats.

What is your opinion on China’s recovery as far as the government initiatives are concerned? Do you think the initiatives taken or policies by the government are effective and accommodative toward the property market?
The effects on the Chinese property market due to the recent global financial crisis were negligible overall, and recent stimulus measures introduced by the Chinese government have worked to ensure the stability of this important sector. These recent government initiatives will also ensure that more affordable housing is available to meet the needs of a rapidly growing urban Chinese population.

How would you expect property prices to be in 2011 and why?
Due to recent control measures that seek to penalize land hoarding by developers and increase the cost of housing transactions, in addition to a natural cooling of the red-hot property market of recent years, property prices are expected to moderately decrease and stabilize in 2011.

What do you think buyers and investors are looking for in terms of product, location and prices etc? Are developers building according to the needs and demands of the people and for the future?
Measures promulgated by the Chinese government earlier this year call for more support for builders and owners of low-income housing while holding provincial governments accountable for failing to restrain home price inflation. Progress
looks hopeful for 2011 in building more affordable housing units.

Shanghai Spring Overseas Property Exhibition
17 to 20 March 2011
Thursday & Friday,
9:00am – 5:30pm
Saturday, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Expected number of developers and other participating organizations, approximately
300 exhibitors.

Shanghai Exhibition Center,
1000 Central Yan An Road Shanghai, China

Spring 2011 Highlights
Living My Way Home Module
A display of customized and complete kitchen and bathroom designs including the latest in a number of home appliance and furniture lines.
Smart Home Interactive Zone
Allows visitors to totally immerse themselves in the comfort and convenience that smart home technology brings to the modern home.
Low Carbon Emissions
Model Home
Highlights eco-friendly products in everyday life, promoting personal responsibility through advocating a low carbon foot print and environmentally friendly living.

For more information,
please visit www.springre.com