Green Homes: The Marvelane Way – Building Ideal Homes of Today That Are Truly Green


With the mushrooming of green development everywhere nowadays, Marvelane Homes by The Lake offers an unparalleled lakeside tranquility and state-of-the-art green living – the ideal home anyone can afford to own, a home to call one’s own!

People these days are more concerned about the environment since they are more aware or conscious of the effects of pollution to the environment and to human health. Incidentally, conventional homes used up huge amounts of power and produced enormous amount of carbon dioxide annually. Unsurprisingly, conventional homes have also become a source of environmental pollution and global warming. The green home concept is a noble initiative undertaken to reduce the impact of pollution created by conventional homes. Green homes generally use less energy, water and natural resources – they provide good air quality and comfort, generate less wastage, and are widely regarded as a sustainable development that improves homeowners’ lifestyle overall. However, green property development is still a relatively new trend or concept within the local real estate scene and housing development arena.


Marvelane Homes by The Lake


Marvelane Homes recently unveiled a luxury mixed development in the mature, leafy neighbourhood of Putra Heights. Marvelane Homes by the Lake is a landed residential project on a 23-acre site that comprises 157 units of modern, highly luxurious homes with a total Gross Development Value (GDV) of approx. RM400 million. What sets Marvelane Homes by the Lake apart from other developments in the area is its centrepiece jewel of natural beauty – a pristine and serene 16-acre lake, crowned by magnificent lush greenery. The lake has been Marvelane’s key inspiration in the project’s planning and design, integrating nature seamlessly with the overall development. According to Mr. Ong Choon Hock, Managing Director of Marvelane Sdn. Bhd., “We were extremely fortunate to able to work on a challenging site such as this, as it has allowed us to push our creativity forward. We wanted to develop something that was low density, keeping it exclusive yet extremely welcoming and tranquil for residents. While most Malaysian lakeside homes are developed with a certain distance from the water, these unique 3-storey luxury homes are built right up to the water’s edge, with a deck that cantilevers over the lake and has direct access into the lake, evoking a special and resort-like atmosphere. We are very optimistic as Marvelane by the Lake is one of the few upcoming landed residential developments located in Putra Heights, a mere stone’s throw away from USJ and Subang Jaya.”ybnfeec



 Exclusive semi-detached landed units within Marvelane Homes by The Lake development space.
About Marvelane HomesqwertyuioMr. Ong Choon Hock, Managing Director of Marvelane  Sdn. Bhd. and Mr. Jefri Clyde, Director of Garis Architect Sdn. Bhd. explaining the Marvelane Homes project.

Marvelane Sdn. Bhd. was established in Malaysia in the year 2004 by a group of professional engineers and experienced property investors. The company seeks to draw upon the specialised skills of the organisation in the fields of Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Construction and Project Management. Backed by the vast experience acquired by the Directors throughout their careers in planning, design, implementation and management of various projects, Marvelane is capable of delivering viable projects with a comprehensive range of residential, commercial and industrial parks via in-depth marketing, data mining, feasibility studies, products identification as well as overseeing the project successfully through to its final completion. Throughout the course of managing the project, special attention is given to to environmental conservation and natural ecology. For more more advanced and sophisticated requirements, the relevant specialists and consultants will be browsxcvbnm,ught in to assist in task handling and problem solving.

A pristine site of Marvelane’s green project encompassing a breathtaking natural lake and virgin jungle.

The brainchild of its managing director Dr. Ong Choon Hock, it is located in the neighbourhood of Putra Heights, with the development designed by an award-winning architecture firm from Australia, Garis Architects headed by Mr. Jefri Clyde. Marvelane’s M360 design philosophy aims and aspires to deliver ideal homes to buyers. The soft launch of Phase One in early March 2015 revealed 46 units of landed homes comprising 40 units of semi-detached, 4 units of cluster homes and 2 units of bungalows. Phase Two which is expected to be launched in the second quarter of the year will unveil 20 one-of-its-kind waterfront villas, 2 blocks of condominiums and 6 waterfront townhouses overlooking the lake. Its pristine and serene 16-acre lake makes Marvelane Home by The Lake stand out from the other developments in the vicinity. The lake’s water has been certified as ‘Class One’ standard or quality, meaning the water is basically non-harmful to skin (i.e. hypoallergenic) and clean (or hygienic) enough to swim in. Cantilevered over this lake are the unique 3-storey luxury homes of Phase Two.

Marvelane Homes by The Lake also boasts excellent accessibility and a host of other amenities. The upcoming Putra Heights LRT station is located a mere 500 metres away and the development is also within easy access of major highways such as NKVE, ELITE and LDP. Prominent shopping malls such as One City Mall, as well as premier academic institutions such Kingsley International School are also situated within a convenient walking distance away. Marvelane Home by The Lake is by far and arguably the ideal place to be living in.

M360 by Marvelane


The M360 is a total green concept involving eight fundamental elements unique to Marvelane Homes.

Marvelane showcased its trademark M360 design philosophy – a special set of guidelines based upon research insights and what consumers identify in a dream property or an ideal home – which are subsequently applied to all of its projects, paying special care and attention to environmental conservation and natural ecology. When planning its maiden project, Marvelane Homes at Putra Heights, a substantial amount of effort has been made by Marvelane Sdn. Bhd. to ensure the project will achieve a ‘Gold Standard’ in the Green Building Index (GBI). By achieving the so-called “gold standard”, this new development ensures water and energy efficiency, as well as the reduction of carbon footprint, by taking into consideration various criteria such as transportation networks, building resources and community planning.

M360 is Marvelane’s unique and holistic solution to the question of “What makes an ideal home?” Why are certain homes more attractive and appreciate faster than others? With insightful research, Marvelane managed to identify the multiple elements that make a home “desirable” or “appealing”. The M360 approach is a systematic method and comprehensive approach to perceiving every angle during the planning, designing and building of Marvelane projects – beginning from the drawing board and ending at the construction site – incorporating every facet of the envisioned ‘ideal home’ until “perfection” is attained or accomplished.

So what makes an ideal home? An ideal home often means different things to different people. To some, it may be a place that signifies their success in life, whilst to others, it is a place that reminds them of their childhood and a loving home. Nevertheless, generally, it has been found that there exists eight distinct elements that most people often identify as important or essential in their concept or perspective of an ideal home:


The homey feel  and welcoming ambience of an ideal home is picturesque on paper but is it in real life?

Ambience – The moment you step into a home, you will know it just feels right – it is because of its ambience. The combination of numerous positive elements – environmental calmness or serenity, fengshui, nature, etc; as well as the lack of negative factors such as noise pollution, spatial congestion, and messy crowdedness. M360 developments always offer or provide the best possible ambience for all customers throughout the site selection, as well as the design, landscaping and beautification processes.

Build Quality – A home is not meant to last a lifetime, but practically over many generations. M360 products are not just a home, but a legacy or an heirloom. All M360 products are built to the most stringent quality standards to ensure the best-build quality and long-lasting product.

Design & Technology – Design and technology are what drives us forward toward a better and more prosperous way of life. An M360 product is the perfect marriage between the two. We take pride in creating aesthetically beautiful homes that are well conceived, functional and relevant. Every square foot has to serve a purpose – useless dead spaces are a cardinal sin. The incorporation of internet technology such as broadband infrastructure serves to add convenience and connectivity to the neighbourhood as well.

Safety & Community – The importance of safety cannot be overestimated. M360 homes provide peace of mind with a minimum 3-tier gated and guarded security plus 24-hour patrol. Yet within the safety of our secured gates, our homes are designed to be open and borderless to foster a sense of community as well as friendliness.

Facilities & Amenities – Facilities include lifestyle elements such as swimming pools, jogging tracks, gymnasiums and gardens that have become a need to the discerning. Amenities include shopping malls, schools, restaurants and public spaces. M360 products ensure that a rich variety of facilities and amenities are provided within a convenient distance to our homes.

Location & Accessibility – Location is everything. An appealing address is important but it goes much deeper than that. The site itself is the development’s raw material and like all quality products, goodness begins from the very beginning. An M360 product takes into account prime location factors such as neighbourhood appeal, demographic composition, infrastructure and easy accessibility, public transport proximity, distances to key places, quality of surroundings plus site terrain. Having identified all these, a masterplan or blueprint is then created to maximise usage or utilisation of the land itself that best fits or complements its surroundings.

Fair Value – This includes the cost factor of a home. Whether luxurious or modest, an ideal home should be fairly priced and easy to maintain. From the early stages of design, cost elements are carefully accounted for, creating a product that is beautiful yet efficient and easy to maintain. This naturally translates to a better product and greater value to the home itself.

Sustainability – A key feature of M360 products is that they create a sustainable environment for future generations. All M360 products are genuinely green, with GBI (i.e. Green Building Index) certification, given in recognition of developments that incorporate energy efficiency, water savings, better connectivity, recycling and waste management considerations.

ewsdfgUnsurpassed beauty offered by the poolside view from a cantilevered unit overlooking the scenic lake.

Everything of beauty begins with an idea. In the case of Marvelane Homes by the Lake, the idea was to reinvent dynamism, using distinctive and elegant lines, and adopting the eight elements in Marvelane’s M360 principles which makes Marvelane Homes stand out from the rest of the other housing and property developers. Each and every Marvelane development is designed and crafted to the highest standards of quality. Marvelane’s motto or tagline, ‘Delivering Value, Improving Lives’, is the driving force and aspiration that exemplifies its commitment to building ideal homes for the community that are both green as well as affordable. In each and every project, Marvelane endeavours and strives to pay special attention to sustainable living, active greening as well as the conservation and preservation of natural ecology.

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