Text : Lawrence Julius

Green is open for business!

Developers are now on the bandwagon to eco-building glory and the path is paved for more to follow. One may not even notice that pioneer buildings have already begun their reign, and on March 3, 2010, the young lads and lasses of REHDA Youth (Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia Youth Body), gave some 130 people the chance to go on a Green Tour. First of its kind, participants had the rare chance to experience a green building from its core up. Four developments took center-stage for the first green catwalk of the country: 1 First Avenue, Challis Damansara, Ken Bangsar and GTower.

1 First Avenue is tagged as the new business paradigm in Bandar Utama. This 25-story tower is deemed MSC status worthy and is certified Green by our very own GBI (Green Building Index). Residing in the much-sought-after address of Bandar Utama, this development features world-class infrastructure and connectivity. A dream office for some.

How green? Green landscaping, rain water collection system, thermal storage chilled water air conditioning system, raised-floor system, unique design to insulate sunlight, double glazed low-e glass

Ken Bangsar is a condo development at the peak, literally, as it sits on the highest point in Bangsar overlooking an amazing urban view, but it’s not the only feature that will have you awestruck. This development is not only Malaysia’s first Gold Plus BCA Greenmark certified building, but is also a Gold winner with Malaysia’s GBI, striking gold twice, and accompanied by many other awards.

How green? Double volume lobby, energy efficient air conditioning system, laminated low-e glass, water efficient appliances (WCs, taps, water heating system), energy efficient appliances and light bulbs, energy efficient lifts and security controls

Challis Damansara
This may be the most uncomplicated of townhouses you’ve ever seen. It’s a cozy and peaceful garden neighborhood cherry-topped by a warm community. This development is certified Green by Singapore’s BCA Greenmark, not for its sophistication but for its simplicity. It is also our first landed residential to be certified green.

How green? Passive cooling and lighting design, long roof overhang, ventilated roof space, water and light timers, green community and environment

GTower plants its roots firm. This MSC status building was awarded Gold by BCA Greenmark, and was the first green commercial building in the country. Featuring an intense commitment towards energy and water efficiency, and environment quality, this mixed-development building stands proudly alongside other towers in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

How green? Green building materials, chilled water system, energy saving appliances (light bulbs, escalators etc), double glazed low-e glass, extensive green planting indoors and outdoors, rain water harvesting, condensate water collection, heat exchanger hot water system, saline swimming pools