Bumbung to propel local real estate beyond the property roof


Malaysia’s first tech property company welcomes new users and estate agents…

Malaysia’s first tech-based real estate company, Bumbung is now open to public and ready to help home-seekers make wise decisions with established and reputable real-estate agents. Bumbung, a local start-up co-founded by Gadiy Lim and Claire Berneron was looking to create a long-term solution for both home seekers and real estate agents. Their idea to create the start-up was based on their personal experiences and observations on the process of purchasing, renting and selling property. Their plan was to create an innovative, cost effective and time efficient model that would benefit home seekers as well as estate agents.

For home seekers, upon heading to Bumbung’s website, all they have to do is to key in their requirements, and within 24 hours will be connected to five (5) relevant properties, or agents that best fit their prerequisites and requirements. In creating a simple solution for home seekers, Bumbung upped the ante in the game of attracting property agents onto listing with its platform. The initial response was to create value-added services to ensure transaction convenience.

Real estate agents just had to list their property once, and will be notified by Bumbung if a match is made with a listing in the database. Each listing also comes with high quality pictures and will contain detailed information about the property. “Our proposition was to create a bridge between home seekers looking for their dream homes and match them to the hardest working agents in the country who may have them. In that pursuit of bridging that gap, our KPI is to ensure each transaction and request is convenient, transparent and innovative.” quipped Gadiy Lim, co-founder of Bumbung.


Co-founder of Bumbung, Gadiy Lim envisions the company as more than just providing a safe and trusted platform for home seekers.

One of the most unique selling points about Bumbung is that real estate agents will only be charged based upon the number of confirmed viewings which ensures a fair and equal chance for all property to be listed on the portal. Other key things that makes Bumbung stand out includes a rating system for estate agents, which ensures only the best property agents are included within the platform, as well as professional photo services for those who wish to make their listings more sassy.

wJgsvaGadiy Lim is introducing Bumbung to the media during the media launch.

Safety, trust and privacy are also a priority when it comes to vetting both the users as well as real-estate agents. A lot of attention was afforded in ensuring only licensed real-estate agents are listed in Bumbung. “Our long-term goal is to become more than just a platform for our users, as Malaysia’s first tech based real estate agency, we see it as our duty to that our users enjoy the process when looking for their dream homes. We are passionate about what we do, and we see property more than just dollars and cents, we want to ensure everyone gets a dream home, or rather a dream Bumbung over their heads!”, reiterated Lim.


Co-founders of Bumbung: Gadiy Lim and Claire Berneron.

With much hype and fanfare leading up to its official launch, Bumbung has garnered much needed attention and support from numerous real estate companies, including Chester, MetroHomes, Homegates Realty Sdn. Bhd., MegaHarta, ReMax Malaysia, as well as some of the Reapfield offices. Home seekers and real estate property agents alike looking to experience Bumbung can do so by visiting the official website: www.bumbung.co. Alternatively, check out our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/bumbung.co, and also via Twitter: @bumbungco. For additional info, kindly contact us at: founders@bumbung.co

Bumbung is a technological-oriented real estate company in Kuala Lumpur. The establishment of the company is driven by the problems faced by tenants, owners and property agents. The company’s vision is to simplify the property search, through prioritizing (“match-making”) qualified tenants and buyers to the right property. The company is poised to solve the issues with duplicated listings, fake agents, and unqualified tenants and homebuyers. Bumbung is also learning to add value for both users and agents via different key-points, as well as enabling them to make smart and informed choices whilst maintaining optimal user experience.