Autumn Offerings in Shanghai


Inside the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Text : Eunice Ng                 Photo : Emily TT Sullivan

Property buying is one of the biggest events in one’s lifetime, in some cases, a turning point. But where can one go when options for property purchases in one’s home country are limited? The Shanghai Golden Autumn Overseas Property Exhibition 2011 serves as a platform where a myriad of real estate offerings from all over the world converge. The event will be held from Oct 3 to 6 at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, China. It will be a big bang as VNU Exhibitions Asia has combined both domestic and overseas segments under one roof.

What are the event’s major and interesting highlights?

First, of course, is the range of our exhibitors. There were more than 50 developers from 13 countries who participated in our Shanghai Spring Overseas Property Exhibition. In the coming event, there will be a bigger range of properties and related projects from countries all over the world. There will be more exhibitors from European and South East Asian countries, such as Spain and Malaysia.

Our audiences are more targeted. We set overseas properties as an independent section and this sets us apart from other real estate exhibitions. This will on one hand provide our audience with a concentrated choice, and on the other hand, benefit our exhibitors by making the exhibition more efficient.

How different will it be compared to the last Golden Autumn Overseas Property Exhibition in 2010?

The coming Golden Autumn Overseas Property Exhibition (Autumn Exhibition) will make profound progress compared to the exhibition in 2010.

The Exhibition will be held together with the Holliday Show, the largest real estate exhibition in China. Although the Autumn Exhibition has a shorter history, it is now in its full-speed growth. Since the Spring Exhibition held in March this year has laid a solid foundation of both audience and exhibitors, the Autumn Exhibition is sure to attract more worldwide attention.

Who are the exhibitors and their products?

The exhibitors are mainly foreign developers and agencies. There are also immigration and overseas study agencies, law firms and banks.

The products include overseas resort hotels, high-end apartments, villas, standalone manor estates, castles and islands.

Who is your target visitors/audience?

Shanghai Golden Autumn Overseas Property Exhibition is open to the public who are interested in overseas properties and who may have the option of immigrating, studying abroad, and investing.

How will they benefit from this exhibition?

Visitors will have a more well-rounded and in-depth knowledge of overseas properties in terms of living and investment. Some visitors may make a large fortune by investing; some may even find their second home abroad in the exhibition, which may have a far-reaching way of their own future. The exhibition may become a turning point of their life.

How has the property market in China performed as the year comes to a close?

People all around the world have witnessed the rapid rise of China’s comprehensive power these years, especially the purchasing power of some Chinese investors. As a developing country, China has become a hot destination of foreign investment with high revenue and low in cost.

Due to the increasing purchasing power and ever-strict home buying policy carried out this year, Chinese investors are showing an unparalleled zest in overseas properties.

Stroked by financial crisis, the properties all around the world has become cheaper except for China. Add to the restriction policy on property purchasing, Chinese investors start buying foreign properties for the purpose of both investment and emigration, which implies the prosperous perspective of overseas property market in China.

What are the potentials for local or international investors this year compared to the last exhibition?

Obviously there are more opportunities for both local and international investors. Last Spring Exhibition has generated a large number of potential investors. Since overseas property is still new to the majority of people, they usually observe the market for a certain period of time. After the success of Shanghai Spring Overseas Property Exhibition, many investors have become more confident to invest. The same goes to the exhibitors. Foreign exhibitors have also gained their confidence during the last exhibition. By and by, there will be more exhibitors coming to Shanghai, China to explore their clients.

Shanghai Golden Autumn Overseas Property Exhibition

When? Oct 3-6, 2011

Where? Shanghai Exhibition Centre


Around 50 exhibitors, mainly from European and South East Asian countries.
More than 100 real estate products for sale.
Comprising local and foreign developers, immigration and overseas study agencies, law firms and banks.
Product range includes overseas resort hotels, high-end apartments, villas, standalone manor estates, castles and islands.