An 800 Creative Conservation


A landmark rises out of the ancient plains of Jing’An District, Shanghai.

Right in the heart of the district stands 800SHOW Creative Park, the award winning development by Shanghai 800 Show Management Company and designed by German based architect which simply goes by the name of logon.

The park is made up of 15 pre-standing buildings, built over the span of 70 years that sits in the hefty 236,806 sq ft (22,000 sqm) complex. While still retaining the personality of each building, this olden encampment was remoulded by logon to become a new, sustainable and fresh center for the innovative and booming creative scene of China. The iconic 800SHOW Creative Park is partitioned to three segments – the Event Hall, Leisure Plaza and Creative Offices area respectively.

The Event Hall

The architects of logon shaped what used to be a machine factory and turned the establishment into what stands as the park’s main building today – a 394 ft (120m) long event hall taking up 10,764 sq ft (1,000 sqm) of space with a glass façade and a 2,368 sq ft (220 sqm) public front entrance area that welcomes patrons to the 800SHOW. Special attention has been given to this new entrance, reconstructed to provide more space for visitors while generating an urban look and feel that is instantly recognizable.

Internally, the event hall features a flexible stage with an extensive backstage supported by a crane system to haul equipments. It also comes complete with a floor heating system to reduce the chill on cool winter nights.

These classy walls of the Event Hall are capable of holding any event, from fashion shows to musical performances to gala dinners. In fact, this was the venue chosen to host the Dutch Cultural Program, Holland’s additional inner city exhibition during the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

The Leisure Plaza

Right after the Event Hall, find the Leisure Plaza; a dedicated area of zen that houses trendy restaurants, cafès and bars.

Directly accessible from Chang De Road away from the busier streets, this 41,979 sq ft (3,900 sqm) plaza is open to those seeking to relax and fuel up after burning out at the office, a perfect hangout for chatting with friends.

The renovated trio of buildings that stand in the Plaza was once a former canteen, former foundry and an old villa built in the 1920s. Its memory however resonates through time as one may still find the original hues and characters untouched, some even vividly present today.

The Creative Offices

Make your way through the Event Hall again in the southeast direction and you will find the 151,771 sq ft (14,100 sqm) Creative Offices, where nine specifically catered office units are rented at RMB6 per sqm a day.

These office buildings that stood from the 1960s and 1970s offer an attractive atmosphere to work in after being creatively rejuvenated by logon; modern offices, galleries and traditional Shanghai housing sit in the area creating that one-of-a-kind blend of the new and old. Not only that, a roof-top garden with a bird’s eye view of the surrounding courtyards is indeed a welcomed addition, a pleasant touch to keep those creative juices pumping, 800 gallons, 800 miles, 800 years and more.

The 800SHOW Creative Park

  • Developer Shanghai 800
  • Show Management Co
  • Architect logon
  • Project Team Frank Krueger,
  • Borja Trujillo, Yan Wei
  • Area size 236,806 sq ft (22,000 sqm)
  • Winner of the “Special Jury Award”
  • at the MIPIM Asia Awards 2010
  • Hosted the Dutch Cultural Program
  • for Holland during World Expo 2010
  • Event Hall Former machine factory, 10,764sf, 393.7ft (120m) long,
  • 2,368.06sf (220 sqm)
  • Leisure Plaza 41,979.25sf (3,900 sqm) area, Ensemble of a former canteen, foundry and villa
  • Creative Offices 151,771.136sf
  • (14,100 sqm) area, 9 specialty office units renting at RMB6 per sqm a day; Area features offices, galleries and traditional Shanghai houses