Poised, Precision, Action


KL Sentral stands as one of Malaysia’s most notable landmarks today, proud be the people but even more so for the man behind the veil; CEO of Malaysian Resources Corporation Bhd, Mohamed Razeek Hussain.

Torn at one point in time between becoming an accountant or an engineer, his ambitions came to light one day as he listened to a real engineer’s tale of pride in building structures that can last for years. From then on there was no turning back. After an academic spell in the United Kingdom, Razeek was involved with numerous consultancy firms and developers, slowly making his way up the corporate ladder, and eventually in December of 2009 was honored with the position he holds today.

The man loves what he does, his passion towards the central hub we call KL Sentral is matched only with his passion towards the nation he describes as The Best in the World. When most Malaysians may be tight lipped and awkward when it comes to patriotism, Razeek is optimistic, looking forward to a future that he sees already in the works today.

Having experienced life abroad, Razeek says, “Looking from the outside, Malaysia is one of the greatest countries.”

An eloquent and firm voice of MRCB, Razeek found his way to the top via years of hard work strung together. Thankful for the blessings in his prayers and grateful for the knowledge gained from former mentors, he also tells fate played a part in leading him to where he is now. “I have been blessed to have gone through thick and thin and survived,” Razeek shares. Imparting his long term philosophy, “It’s okay to lose some battles but ultimately win the war.”

As for wisdom as a guiding path for the younger would-be real estate dreamers out there, “Oh, I’ve got plenty of advice for the younger generation,” he responded jokingly as he cleared the serious air in the room.

“Appreciate your parents, they would love for you to be successful.” He emphasized too that one must always excel in any line of work.

From a man who have walked his talk and certainly has no qualms about putting where his money should be, the nation’s real estate back-up squad had better heed his words as he sums it all up in four, “No pain, no gain.”

All in all, my chat with the CEO of MRCB was an enlightening one; food to my soul to see successful citizens at the top still connected to the people with a vision on par with everyone’s cause. To really capture the sentiments and atmosphere of the one hour or so with the CEO would take more than a page, but all who have met him, would know that this guy is precise in words and even more so in action.

“It’s okay to lose some battles but ultimately win the war”