Pivotal Change


I have detoured long enough.

“I wanted a career change.”

Choy Yue Kwong, Managing Director of Rahim & Co (Selangor) Sdn Bhd, took a bold move that will forever change the course of his life; and along with it, a series of hard decisions.

1981 was the pivotal year; the only way to do this was to further his studies overseas in a property related course that he may be qualified as a valuer. Before, this science major from University of Malaya was already working for six years doing technical sales in the chemical industry.

Not of wealthy origins, the challenge was even greater – he had to gain funding for his studies on his own. So, the decision was made between him and his wife to sell their home in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

“It was a very emotional thing to do, to sell our home.”

He shares that not only was it hard in getting the house in the first place for money was a big issue – the banks back then only covered 70%, getting the remaining 30% was a challenge – that was the house which he intended to build his family.

Yet with his wife’s support, they sold the house and Choy went on with his plan, leaving his wife and two children at home to pursue his degree in the United Kingdom .

“It was the first time I was away from my family,” he adds.

But after a few months, he relocated his whole family to the UK . The Choys spent two years there and those years etched as among the sweetest memories of his life.

“I was very happy there, a lot had to do with having my family with me.”

After completing his studies, instead of returning to a bed of well qualified and educated roses, Choy came back to Malaysia during a difficult time. “It was the recession, and I had to settle for a job that paid lower than the one before I went to study.” But things took a turn for the better; the country was coming out of the recession and in 1990 Choy was then certified as a qualified valuer. The rest, I would say, is history!

Hard work and determination are words that he is all too familiar with. He has made it through thick times with pure determination and courage. Chasing his dreams, his story is truly an inspiring one where he tells the youth of today to choose wisely, not to be detoured and to follow their dreams.

“Do not compromise if your heart is set towards a particular field,” he says.

Resounding as it was, he is now in the career and profession which he loves, 29 years strong, and counting!