Malaysia Property Award 2010 Winner: Ho Hon Sang


Ho Hon Sang, Managing Director, Property Development, Sunway City Bhd

Master Plan, Sunway City Ipoh Sunway City (Ipoh) Sdn Bhd

How do you feel about your win in the MPA?

Of course I feel very excited about the win in MPA because we started this project in the mid-90s with a lot of sweat and pain. During the financial crisis, this project was even stopped and then we revived it again. And there’s a lot of involvement even right from our Tan Sri, the Founder himself to make sure that this project actually works.

In Sunway, we are very determined. If we start something, we want to make sure it works and it ends up well. And this site is very challenging with a lot of mountains and water bodies, an ex-mining land full of slime. And we have transformed it. Not only transform, we have also maintained the environment to a large extent.

The place is full of history of limestone formations and so I believed the judges have actually scrutinized our proposal and application, that’s why they are convinced that this is one of those tough projects but we have made it work.

It’s resort living in the city in Sunway City Ipoh. This single largest integrated township in Perak also adheres to the LOHAS concept (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) where some of its product offerings like the Country Home Bungalows, Lakeside Villas, Alpine Village Apartments and Mont Bleu townhouses sit amidst the heavenly resort, enveloped by the abundance of natural resources.

Malaysia Property Award 2010 (MPA 2010) was organized by The International Real Estate Federation Malaysia (FIABCI Malaysia)