Cool Tips And Tricks For Surviving The Heatwave


How To Beat The Malaysian Heat By Adopting Several Simple Do’s And Don’ts

The current hot spell is getting more worrisome by the day. We must brace ourselves for even more hot weather ahead. For months now, Malaysia has been battered by the ‘hot-and-humid’ effects of the seasonal “El Nino”. Meteorological experts have ascertained and verified that this rampant ‘hot-as-hell’ weather will be compounded by the annual equinox come Sunday, 20th March 2016, when the sun’s path crosses directly over the Earth’s equator. The Malaysian Equinox typically affects us twice yearly, specifically in the months of March & September.

As a preventive measure, Malaysians are advised to take proper care when engaging in outdoor activities. The following are some useful hints and pointers on how to make it through this blazing hot and dry weather. Maintain your bodily moisture by keeping yourself hydrated by regularly replenishing your bodily supply of clean and fresh water intake daily. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to begin “binge drinking” – your body would already be dehydrated long before you actually feel the need to quench your thirst. Also, try to cut down on those beers and other liquors, as drinks and beverages containing alcohol normally serve as a strong diuretic and could accelerate the effects of dehydration in a dramatic way.

During peak hours (i.e. hottest hours of the day) of the daily heatwave, try staying indoors if possible. Or if you can’t avoid the outdoors, stop by nearby buildings with air-conditioning such as restaurants or shopping malls to cool off. When venturing out of home, do bring along ample supply of sunscreen (to curb sunburn), bottled water (for quenching thirst) and facial spray canister (for freshening and moisturizing). As a matter of precaution, you may want to bring along a parasol or an umbrella to help shield or protect your skin from the sun’s harmful and damaging UV rays. Most importantly, don’t ever forget the all-important eye-shades or sunglasses – never ever leave home without them!

During such blistering hot weather, always wear clothes made of light fabric with light colours. Thin cotton clothing readily absorb and disperse heat through optimal sweating for a cool feeling. Light-coloured clothes repel or reflect the bright sunlight, together with the excessive heat. As a friendly reminder, wearing light does not mean wearing little. So maintain your public decency or modesty at all times, even during this freakish and scorching near 40-degree weather! – HFM