A Revolutionary Vision that Inspires Passion


In a man’s lifetime he may come across only a handful of indelible people; this man is one of them.

Through the doors of Malaysia Pacific Corporation Bhd (MPCB), you will find an impressionable personality and a visionary thinker greeting you to his office with a smile and a handshake; a man of many respects, Dato’ Bill CP Ch’ng, President and CEO of MPCB.

Dato’ Bill studied architecture in Australia and is a member of numerous architectural organizations, local and abroad. The man achieved much even in his early days, winning awards for his designs and was involved in high profile projects both domestically and on international soil. He was once advisor to NASA for their first space shuttle program and among the brains behind the initial conceptualization of Sentosa Island, Singapore, just to name a few. A full profile of Dato’ Bill’s achievements would leave this page filled to the edges. “I have also achieved plenty in China,” he adds.

When the 70-year-old President talks, one can’t help but to be magnetized and listen as every word spoken is clearly cultivated, precise and coherent, while retaining a youthful pace of delivery. No surprises here as Dato’ Bill has been flying back and forth from country to country giving talks to the public at seminars, clinching business deals with international corporations and holding forums with ministers. Fluently, he backs up his ideas with the most intricate of details that one may see his visions of the future so clearly.

Somehow, I never saw him as just a developer, I saw a visionary man on a mission, and it was to create a sustainable future for the entire nation by transcending the economy to a higher level. Farfetched and distant it may be to some but in this man’s case, he foresees it so vividly that he’s already there.

“We must give back to the tax payers, it’s only fair,” says his forward thinking mind which has inspired the support of leaders in his greatest passion of this era, the Asia Pacific Trade and Expo City (APTEC) in Johor. He sees this project as “the catalyst” to boost Malaysia and assures “that it will double the country’s growth rate when completed.”

Today, Dato’ Bill is at a level where he is untouchable, in terms of years and in scope; his knowledge and experience, more than justified. Even though he’s been involved across various industries, he asserts humbly, “I’m an architect,” simple and true. But when it comes to his masterpieces, designs and concepts included, they are no mere buildings, he visualizes them in a visionary style and packs in a greater future into the mix.

In the words of the architect himself, “Always be creative, don’t just design. Build to last.”