A Purposeful Direction


There was never doubt in his mind that he would be in any other line save for property.

“I wanted to be in property since I was in Form Three, if I had a chance to choose again, it would still be the same.”

Sparking his aspirations from a book, Sr Adzman Shah, Deputy Managing Director of DTZ Nawawi Tie Leung Sdn Bhd, took hold of his fate in his own hands, smartly steering his way to where he is today.

Chasing the real estate dream, he went to study in Wales and had a spell with property consultancy firms in the UK before eventually coming back to Malaysia, where he joined Cold Storage (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. He then moved on to hypermarket Carrefour (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and had a hand in managing the outlets in Wangsa Maju and Mid Valley. His next career change in 2008 brought him to where his real estate career began, back to consultancy but this time on home soil, with a firm of international presence, DTZ.

Despite the many facets to property, the jovial and affable Adzman found his interest skewed towards the retail side, “Life in retail is vibrant, dynamic and colorful,” he adds.

As he imparts about his real estate journey, he admits that being a consultant gives him a sense of direction and purpose, “Sometimes we get called in for certain big developments that are important for the advancement of the country, in a way we play a part in contributing towards that goal (Vision 2020).”

Today, he feels the country is moving closer towards being a very developed nation and this Anak Malaysia is just as optimistic about the future. But success, be it on a national scale or within a corporation, Adzman is certain that the most important aspect is people, “Your business is only as good as the people in the organization.”

Driven by humane principles and virtues, he also believes in giving and sharing, “Be grateful for what you have and give back to the community.”

And to those aspiring to trail his path of accomplishments, especially the younger ones, “There’s a lot of opportunity out there, don’t be afraid to take up new challenges, there’s a lot you can achieve if you put your mind to it”.

A refined gentleman of passion and strong will, Adzman proves that when you put your heart into it, those goals that you’ve set out to achieve will only be a short reach away, even if it began all the way back in Form Three.