What’s your color?


Dulux Color Studio does recommendations (Right) for color schemes just by looking at a photo of your home’s interior (Left).

Blend the colors of your home with help from the experts.

Colors at different areas of the home may differ. For example, this bedroom has a softer tone to it.

Select the colors that suit your personality.

The colors of a home may bring inspiration and excitement.

Colors have a way of lifting the heart, even inspire at times. Picking out the best shade of blue or green for your living room is now made even easier with Dulux, a brand from the largest global paints and coatings company, AkzoNobel.

Choose the best to suit your flavor with AkzoNobel’s very own DuluxColour Studio, who are providing expert color consultancy to customers for free.

It is not as easy as you think to pick out a color that matches you and your home. Every one of it is different as it houses families and individuals of unique personalities.

So, catering to the variety of customers, DuluxColour Studio offers services that range from free color scheming, matching and consultations to even comprehensively reflect moods.

Lift your spirits while relaxing in your living room, calm your mind while resting in your bedroom.

You can even have your home blend with its surroundings or even paint it in a color to soothe the eyes.

This time, your unique preferences will be backed by professional recommendations.

It’s a daunting task to pick out the right scheme for your canvas, especially when trying to match it with furniture. This is where the experts come in.

Opinions on product choice and preference of color are matched with your profile, be it single or married with children.

You may even select the best tone for your child’s bedroom so it may give out a positive and vibrant feel. Interestingly, AkzoNobel’s color of the year for 2011, Citrus Yellow (also known as Lime Twist), which is a light and airy yellow, is a popular selection for children’s bedrooms.  

This consulting service has received positive feedback from customers after its introduction in 2010.

It is a much welcomed outlet for the normal Joe to get a second opinion about his exterior or interior redecoration plans.

It is easy to get a hand, one can call-up for a telephone consultation, visit DuluxColour Studio for a one-on-one or just send in a photo for an e-session.

Different sections of a home can be photographed and sent over to the experts at DuluxColour Studio, and they will come up with their recommendations, simple as that.

On par with the company’s goal of ‘Adding colour to people’s lives’, this consultancy service gives the masses inspiration to decorate and explore with colors more easily and more often. 

There’s no shortage in choice, a wide range of Dulux paint products is available for pickings. The Dulux Weathershield Keep Cool range for example is a popular choice for exterior finishes with its energy saving properties and high tolerance to weather.

As for interior spaces, a popular low odor and low VOC range, which is eco and family friendly is available for selection. Here’s a tip, consultants found that for the interiors, a neutral, earthy tone is a popular choice.

AkzoNobel’s standing is truly justified with this service made available to the public. Not only producing quality paints, their commitment in providing top services should also be commended.

Picking out colors to best suit your home is now more engaging and much less of a hassle with this free consultancy by DuluxColour Studio.

We all want a place to call our own, but to transform it into a dream home requires much work. And color is important should you want to bring a place to life. Thankfully, expert help is not far away.