Count Your Blessings For All That You Possess


Be Grateful For What You Have Than What You Wish For

More often than not, you hear people say that in life, you should count your blessings, and that in every cloud there is a silver lining. Indeed, there is a reason behind every event or happening in life. In short, there is a blessing in disguise to every life experience. Experiences that sometimes alter or change a person’s mindset, outlook and perspective in life. Sometimes, we live our lives without giving it much thought, and that we often take things for granted. It takes the strength of character and the courage to persevere in going through life’s many hurdles and challenges. Having the will to change ultimately decides our fate in life, not to mention the willingness to constantly improvise in order to attain a successful life. A life of success is also meaningless without purpose. Henceforth, a sense of purpose is what motivates us to accomplish our goals and objectives towards satisfying our infinite dreams and desires in life. A successful life without purpose or meaning is also akin to a lone fish swimming aimlessly in an aquarium.

Ultimately, true success is measured not by how much “riches” we have accumulated throughout our lives, but by how many “deeds” we have contributed to the life of others. Life’s quest or journey towards achieving wisdom and enlightenment is constantly wrought with trials and tribulations. But the path towards fulfilling happiness and wealth in life must begin from knowledge. It is knowledge that stimulates our innate curiosity and drives our passion to learn more about life itself. As the scientific genius and magnanimous physicist, Albert Einstein once famously quoted, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Logic will take you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere…

Knowledge is the essence of imagination – the power of knowledge starts with imagination. Whatever our ambitions are in life, we should always be contented with what we have than what we have not. Always be grateful for what you possess. Never bite off more than you can chew. Sometimes, being poor but happy is still better than having everything yet being unhappy. Happiness should be the real gauge or yardstick for success. True wealth ought to be judged by the “riches” of knowledge rather than material possessions alone. As life is short and our insignificant existence in this world is only temporary, we should all strive and endeavour to find our own “niche” or purpose. We should all count our blessings!