Six life skills required to succeed in your life, career and business


In wanting to succeed in your life and business, there are six life skills that you may want to master in. In this six-series article, allow me to share my experience as to how these skills has made an iimpact in my life, career and business.

In this first series, you need to to have an effective public speaking skill. Public speaking is a special skill that many working people or even business people look forward to improve one way or another. Though many may dread it, but let me share with you the tips to embrace it with ease and to excel in it.

There are basically four vital tips for you to consider. I have came out with K.E.E.P. tips:
1) Knowledgeable
2) Experience
3) Enthusiasm
4) Practice

The first tip is you need to be knowledgeable in the topic that you will be speaking on. Knowledge will boost your confidence when you are speaking in front of a group. The more knowledgeable you are, the more confident you will be when you deliver your subject matter. Knowledge can come from your own academic background. On top of that, you may want to do a research on your chosen topic on all various aspect. Then, you will need to put it into a context that it is easy for your audience to understand what you are going to share. On a separate context, if you are giving a speech, you will need to prepare your speech in advance. For example, if I am addressing a formal event, I will prepare the speech accordingly so that I have the confidence when I faced the audience. A well prepared speech is a half-way battle won. You will be better in connecting with your audience then.

The second tip for you to embrace public speaking is your own personal experience. This is a very powerful and in-depth aspect of moving towards to have an effective public speaking skill for yourself. Speaking from your experience, it is an important tool that you need to use. People want to listen to your experience and learn from it. Therefore, you should share from your experience when you are speaking publicly. Nevertheless, you need to see what is required of you to share for that particular session or event. Just a word of caution, since speaking from your own experience, you may take longer time instead of the stipulated time frame given. Do respect the organiser’s time. On top of that, you may be too draggy until to the extent of loosing your audience’s attention.
Therefore, share your experience with care and concern of the time given.

The third tip which will either make or break your speech or your speaking engagement. Nothing ever beats enthusiasm. I like the saying from Ralph Waldo Emerson:- “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. You cannot fake enthusiasm but you can increase your enthusiasm by being excited to share your ideas, experience or knowledge to the audience that you will be speaking too. People can feel you through your tone of voice, body language and even your facial expression. Therefore, be enthusiastic when you are on stage. Your audience will love it when you are enthusiastic in what you are about to share with them.

The fourth tip is the most important ingredient in developing your public speaking skills, which is practice. Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes it permanent. I have spoken in public for thousands of hours to reach the stage where I am today though I am still learning each day. Nevertheless, it is also a gift from God which I need to acknowledge before all of you. This is because I was a very shy person initially but then I have being transformed to speak enthusiastically in front of an audience. Thank God for this gift. I am energised each time I speak in public. Therefore, my friends, use your knowledge, experience and your own enthusiasm to embark on having an effective public speaking skills. And in order to do it best, you need to practice. Yes, you need the practice, I repeat. All professionals requires thousand of hours of practice. Likewise, in public speaking, you have to embrace this as part of your growth in public speaking if you want to do well in this area.

I closed with wishing you all the success in your public speaking and hope that these four tips will be able to give you a head start. If you need any guidance, do drop me a line. In the next issue, I will be sharing on how to have a great working habit skill which is crucial for you to excel in your career and business. Till then, all the best!

Article is written by Johann Paul Gregory, MBA, Senior Vice President, Talent & Business Development, Reapfield Academy Sdn Bhd. Log on to www.reapfield.com for more information. The article represents his personal views.