PanaHome-Gasing Meridian Team Up for Sanctuary Ridge Kuala Lumpur City


PanaHome Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a housing company under PanaHome Corporation Japan (a subsidiary of the Panasonic Group), is in a joint venture with Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd (a member of the Sanctuary Gasing Group with developments in Malaysia, Australia and China) to develop Malaysia’s premier luxury eco-property developments at Sanctuary Ridge Kuala Lumpur City. A 38-acre freehold luxury development, it will be home to 69 bungalows in a gated development offering colonial-sized lots averaging 19,000 sq ft with land prices starting from RM288 per sq ft.

“We are indeed excited about this joint venture as it marks another milestone to express our capabilities in the construction and housing development industry in Malaysia. It is our earnest vision to build an ECONATION Malaysia, and this is a first step towards that end. Together with Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd, a developer with international credits, we are very pleased to introduce our new building technologies to Malaysian communities,” said Toshiro Baba, Managing Director of PanaHome Malaysia.

Already known for its award-winning development, Sanctuary Lakes in Melbourne, Australia, which rehabilitated salt wasteland into a benchmark residential development, township and bird sanctuary for Victoria, Gasing Meridian is set to enhance its pro-eco property development portfolio by collaborating with PanaHome Malaysia to introduce luxury homes showcasing new building technologies ideal for Southeast Asian homes.

“Malaysia is the second country that PanaHome has ventured into after Taiwan and we are very proud and honored to be one of their first partners in Malaysia,” said Leo Tan, Director of Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd. “PanaHome is one of the world’s leading Green Innovation companies in the housing industry and we are truly impressed with PanaHome’s home building solutions as it demonstrates sustainable living without compromising on aesthetics. These are qualities in which our very discerning and increasingly environmentally-conscious land and house owners are looking for in their dream home.”

The joint venture will culminate in an approximately 8,000 sq ft show house expected to complete by the end of 2015. The three-story bungalow will be a functional and practical two-generation home with common areas for family activities and private areas in which each family can retreat. All the bedrooms will be designed to enjoy the view of Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

This state-of-the-art show house will showcase the elements of ‘Eco’ and ‘Smart’ home ideas for Southeast Asian homes, reflecting the two companies’ commitment to environmental sustainability. Based on the planned design and features, the owner can expect to enjoy greater energy savings and, possibly, to even earn a small income if the owner chooses to apply for the Feed in Tariff (FiT) program. Introduced by our government in 2010, the program compensates consumers of renewable energy who produce a surplus of electricity that can be used by the national grid.

The amazing KiraTech tiles, which will be featured on the building’s exterior, helps to decompose pollutant gases (decomposition of NOx) and a 200sqM area of KiraTech tiles has been shown to be equivalent to the air cleaning capability of approximately of 14 poplar trees. Aside from its air-purifying function, the KiraTech tiles has self-cleaning capabilities for longer lasting and cleaner tiles, which translates into long-term maintenance cost savings.

The construction of the show house at Sanctuary Ridge Kuala Lumpur City can be completed within six months through PanaHome’s building methodologies and design approaches. Construction methods utilizing pre-fabrication technology (steel’s frame structure) ensure a consistent and high quality building while accomplishing shorter construction time relative to conventional methods.

Also incorporated is the heat insulation technology to minimize heat transmission from the outside; the unique PanaHome PureTech (structured embedded ventilation system) supplies effective circulation of natural cool air to keep the internal living space naturally cool and clean hence reducing energy consumption. The PureTech system will eliminate contaminated indoor air without opening windows and this will assist in minimizing pests from entering the home while enhancing security. The show house will also come with high-grade waterproofing features to overcome common water leakage problems faced by homes in tropical countries with frequent heavy rainfall.