Our Homegrown Factory


Text :  Lawrence

The Factory Outlet Store (FOS) has grown into a household name for many throughout the years. Featuring authentic clothing at reasonably low prices, FOS has gained many fans since the inaugural store in Sunway Pyramid opened in 1997 – during the great economic recession! Amazingly the brand thrived, and has around 50 stores positioned throughout Malaysia today. But did you know that the brand is actually a local, homegrown Malaysian original? Some may find this hard to believe seeing how the FOS brand was launched during recession time and has stood firm for years, growing to surpass some of the internationally renowned brands in the market.

“…leave with a bagful of clothes and a smile”

What makes FOS special? “At FOS you are able to find clothing for any age group and for any occasion. Our merchandise is of good quality and is priced reasonably. The main attraction when customers come into FOS is they can find real value for money buys and leave with a bagful of clothes and a smile,” FOS explains.

It is indeed hard to overlook the fraction priced items they have on sale, with over 1,000 unique items on the list to choose from, who can resist? While they also produce their own range of clothing, FOS’ specialization remains in imported stock products and overruns of various brands that are not available in Malaysia , the very concept that FOS’ foundation was built upon.

Upon entering an FOS store, shoppers will notice the clean and sleek layout of the interior that is incorporated with steel fixtures and fittings that give every store that trademark FOS “factory” look and feel. Not only that, all stores sit in a large lot averaging at about 8,000 sq ft each, adding to the outlets’ overall appeal to visitors looking for a spacious and comfortable shop stop.

FOS is currently set on expansion mode, their expansion plan includes erecting more stores nationwide as well as gearing up to break into the international scene, “It is a very exciting time for us,” FOS beams.

Recently, the brand re-launched their store in Berjaya Times Square which features a bigger and better space on a new floor, redone with a new and fresh concept it describes as “a different FOS you have to experience yourself”.

FOS is no doubt one step ahead of the rest when it comes to value, when asked what their promotional plans are for the coming holiday seasons, “There are a lot of promotions going on, from special products, special discounts to free gifts. It’s hard to keep track!”

Factory Outlet Store

Founded: 1997

Origin: Malaysia

Store size range from 5,000 to 10,000 sq ft

Almost 50 stores nationwide

FOS flagship store in Berjaya Times Square, launched 13 October 2010

Set for overseas expansion

Clean and wide store concept

Features men’s, ladies’ and kids’ clothing range

Other items include accessories, innerwear, underwear, sleepwear, footwear, eyewear, bags, caps and watches

One of the top brands in terms of promotions

Implements “no-plastic” days