Making Fun of Each Other – by Focus on the Family Malaysia


Spreading and sharing fun and happiness throughout the family 😉




It is healthy to be able to laugh together as a family. We ought to be able to tease and joke with each other without having to worry about getting an angry reaction in response. But when the laughter is at the expense of the most vulnerable members of the family, it can be rather destructive.

House chores are ideally the best activity in promoting family well-being and happiness 😉



Even innocent humour is painful when it’s the same child who is the object of ridicule. Unfortunately, that’s the way it often happens. When one youngster has an embarrassing characteristic, such as bed-wetting or stuttering, the other members of the family should be encouraged to tread very softly on the exposed nerves. A child should never be ridiculed for his or her size, whether he’s a small boy or she’s a large girl.



Roleplaying often encourages greater interaction and intimacy amongst family members 😉



This is the guiding principle: It’s wise not to tease a child about the features that he or she is also defending outside the home.  If that youngster is hearing about some obvious flaw all day long, he or she certainly doesn’t need more criticism from the family. And when that child asks for a joke to end, the request should be honoured.



Being the butt of everyone’s ridicule can be a formula for lifelong resentment. So, parents should be careful to ensure no one is unduly hurt in the name of fun. This article was published with permission from Focus on the Family Malaysia. If you liked this article and would like to go deeper, we have some helpful resources at www.family.org.my