I Heart KL


Whether you’re local or a tourist, you might like a quick and engrossing way to discover the city of Kuala Lumpur.


If you’re visiting Malaysia for the first time, it would be a certainty that you find your way to Kuala Lumpur city, the capital of the country. As a tourist, it is advised that your visit-list should include a place that is attracting more and more visitors by the year, the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery by ARCH Group – one of the largest model-making companies in Asia. If you’d like to get acquainted with the city and its history, this should be one of your first stops.

Take some snaps at huge “I Heart KL” sign at front. You can’t miss it.

Located at Merdeka Square, where Malaysia’s first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman famously proclaimed the nation’s independence, the building which the gallery now occupies also hold its own piece of heritage. Built to meet the administrative needs of Kuala Lumpur way back in 1899, it underwent a few changes in terms of its façade, interior and purpose over the years that followed – from a printing office to a postal security office to Kuala Lumpur’s first public library and finally a gallery. But even through the years, its neo-renaissance design still holds true till this day.

Walking into the gallery, you will be warmly greeted at the reception desk and ushered into the first room called “Memories of Kuala Lumpur”, where as the name suggests, visitors can discover the story of Kuala Lumpur with prints and photos. There are also miniatures of historic landmarks of the city in 3D detail, along with descriptions to know what you are looking at, of course.

From there you will head upstairs, where the highlight of the gallery is. An ambitious project started by the gallery and ARCH, this is

The whole of KL will be on this platform, that’s the plan.

where the largest scale model of the entire city of Kuala Lumpur will continue to grow. Measuring 40 ft by 50 ft, each building will be replicated in detail and in architecture size – the reason why this is the only room you can visit on the floor. The Petronas Twin Towers

are the center of the action, but the towering piece of the yet-to-be-completed Warisan Merdeka Tower casts a preeminent look into the future. Cast your eyes around further and you will find the iconic KL Tower nearby as well. It would probably be a good time to ask your guides where your next destination is and get a feel of how far or near it is!

Visitors getting a brief history lesson on KL.

Once you are done, head back down and find more miniatures for you to enjoy. Make sure to pick out the elegant and also must-visit Masjid Jamek – the site where Kuala Lumpur’s first settlers anchored.

Congrats! Your crash-course on Kuala Lumpur is now complete! A short tour indeed, but an informative one for sure. There is still thing to be done though, making your way out, you will get to see the people who made the models possible, busy at their workbenches and experience creating pieces of the new models, souvenirs, and other crafts made of wood veneer. Finally, you will make your way to the ARCH Kuala Lumpur Gift Shop, where you can purchase a little piece of Kuala Lumpur to bring home with you.

Make sure to drop by Kuala Lumpur City Gallery should you ever visit the city again, you will never know how much “mini KL” have grown by then!


For more information on Kuala Lumpur City Gallery and its other services, visit www.klcitygallery.com