Help Wanted!


Every home needs a great support system.

By Olivia Ong

LG Mini Washing Machine

Mummy’s Little Helper
Baby clothes need extra care when it comes to washing as they are more delicate. The LG Mini Washing Machine helps simplify this task for busy mums and dads thanks to its specialised functions. It comes with the 6 Motion™ technology and a Delicate cycle to ensure a deeper and gentler wash. Time saving, there is a speed function that completes a single load in 17 minutes, while the regular Cotton course takes only 30 minutes. It also operates at a higher water temperature (up to 95°C) for a more hygienic wash. This machine is also capable of saving up to 50% of energy and 40% of water compared to the conventional, larger washing machines.


Samsung WF9000

Twin Sensation
The Samsung WF9000 front-loads laundry pair is a hardworking double-action duo that takes on giant washing loads effortlessly. Even two king-size comforters can be cleaned in just one cycle. All this is thanks to its larger drum size and SuperSpeed technology that washes faster without sacrificing performance. It is also fortified with the Samsung PowerFoam™ technology, which pre-dissolves detergent into a powerful yet gentle foam that can penetrate fabrics thoroughly and quickly. Designed for convenience, it has an additional four inches of height and is shallower in depth with a larger door, all working to make it comfortable for you when loading and unloading the laundry. The pair will definitely dazzle too with its modern colour palette, chrome detailing and sleek control panel.

Kenwood kMix Jug Kettle

Sunshine Surprise
The Kenwood kMix Jug Kettle in Sun Kissed Yellow (SJM038) makes for a cherry spark of joy in any kitchen. A bold statement maker, this kettle comes in a stunning design with great attention to details. The base is accented in polished stainless steel for sturdiness and a convenient flip lid makes it easy to fill and refill. It has the SureGrip™ finish for safer handling apart from an illuminated power switch for additional safety and clarity. It is available with a 1L or 1.6L capacity and comes with washable scale filter too.

Kenwood kMix Fire Cracker Stand Mixer KMX84

Retro Art
If you love baking and you love to dazzle, make sure that you have the Kenwood kMix Fire Cracker Stand Mixer KMX84 in your home. Infused with colourful, retro stripes, this Kenwood mixer does not only look good but it is also ergonomically designed to perform too. It can handle large quantities of ingredients and dough with its 5-litre stainless steel bowl, planetary mixing action and a range of clever attachments that will do all the hard work for you. Performance-wise, the advanced electronic speed control ensures that you carefully and smoothly build up to the desired speed without causing spillage of the bowl contents. There is also the unique fold function, which allows the bowl to rotate using a 2.5-turn revolution mixing action to perfectly incorporate ingredients without losing air, which is important in baking mixtures.

Tefal Blendforce

Smooth Sensation
Blending food and love perfectly is the Tefal Blendforce collection. The Blendforce BL3071, Blendforce Glass BL312 and Blendforce Maxi Glass BL233 all feature the innovative Tripl’Ax Technology for 1 Ultimate Blending thanks to the six blades working in three combined actions. Powerful, these blenders can whip up a mixture of ingredients into super smooth textures effortlessly.

The toughest and biggest of the line has to be the Blendforce Maxi Glass BL233 with its 2L glass jug that is thermal shock resistant. It also has a unique, double-click, Clic’lav safety system.

Tefal Pro Express

Ironing Made Easy
Check out the latest from Tefal, the Pro Express® Total Auto Control GV8960 that boost of having the fastest and most efficient ironing technology. This steam iron comes fitted with Tefal’s latest innovation, the Smart Technology Auto Control, which allows users to select the best combination of temperature and steam for different fabric types. Just the push of a button is needed and the appliance will automatically adjust accordingly. It has efficient steam penetration with a powerful six bars pressure and it is fitted with an ECO-mode to help save up to 20% of energy. There is also an exclusive new anti-calc collector that collects ultra-thin particles found in water to help increase the longevity of the steam station and retain its efficiency. Finally, the improved Glide Protect Autoclean soleplate was built with an exclusive ‘Comfort Tip’ for easy access to hard-to-reach areas. The new Glide Protect Autoclean soleplate still boasts superior glide-ability too.