For a Healthy Marriage, Laugh More! – by Focus on the Family Malaysia


Laugh your way to a happy marriage! 😉




They say laughter is the best medicine. But for many people, life’s day-to-day pressures make it difficult to laugh, especially with their spouse – the person who bears those burdens with them. Below is a prescription for adding more laughter to your married life. Remember, take this medicine at least once a day.

Discovering the sunnier side of life spices up a mundane marriage / Pix: Complete Wellbeing




Inside jokes


Having fun in marriage is all about attitude. You have to think there is still humour in life, and be able to poke at your spouse at the mall and say, “Did you see that?” But it’s hard to have fun if you’re tense, worried or wound up. Before you can laugh with your spouse, you need to relax and not take yourself, or your spouse, too seriously.



A happy marriage is often filled with fun, humour & laughter! / Pix: Turning Point Counseling




Custom fun


Couples can have fun by embracing one another’s personality and interest. You know your spouse best: Does he like surprises? Would she rather have dinner out or enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner? Let your spouse’s personality enhance laughter in your marriage.



Time for play


They say the couple that plays together, stays together. But for those with a limited imagination, finding fun things to do may prove difficult. If that’s you, here are few suggestions to get you started:



  • Try something new together: Take a cooking class and learn an exotic cuisine. Venture out and go hiking or take tennis lessons. Whether it’s going to a resort out of town or bike riding at a park near your home, do something new – and don’t forget to laugh while you’re at it.


  • Get together with others: Organise social activities that include other couples. When you’re with other people, you get energy from them and end up having a lot of fun.


  • While doing chores, working a job and taking care of all the other details of life, find time to have fun together.




Laughter is one ingredient for a strong and healthy marriage. This article was published with permission from Focus on the Family Malaysia. If you liked this article and would like to go deeper, we have some helpful resources at www.family.org.my