Digital Appliances – The Smart Kitchen Companion


Text : Eunice Ng

The inside of the French Door Refrigerator is just as big as its exterior.

Add the glitz back to your kitchen with the Premium Edition ‘Jewelry’ Refrigerator.

Chic single door refrigerator with a smartly hidden handle behind.

The kitchen has always been the axis of the home. Be it a concerto of family living under one roof with kids scurrying about or a busy person on the go, there will always be hungry stomachs to fill. A good and working kitchen will define your lifestyle as well as make a great fashion statement to your home.

Today’s modern world brings a myriad of new innovative technology for the kitchen, all with one aim – to give you more time for other things that matter most in life. With the many innovative appliances out there, what do we choose? Jump a moment in time and fast forward a little closer to the future as Samsung Digital Appliances transform your kitchen into a sleek creature that truly solves your needs.

Samsung has always been evolving towards ‘Smarter Living’. It incorporates the three ‘Smart Pillars’ of Smart Design, Smart Experiences and Smart Connections to fulfill consumers’ needs and aspirations, further enriching their user experiences.

“As the world of ‘smart’ living broadens to meet unique consumer demands, Samsung aims to invent technology that will drive the next wave of consumer demand – for experiences they didn’t know were possible,” says Gary Te, Director of Home Appliances Business Unit.

“The future of home appliances as we envision is to provide advanced functionality combined with ease-of-use and outstanding design.”

Ever since its first production of the black and white television sets, washing machines and refrigerators in the 1970s to mass production of microwave ovens, Samsung has always been on the track to make the good better, and the better, best.

Already global leader in the 21st century in the Smart TV and Smart Phone categories, Samsung is now pioneering the digital age by developing some of the world’s firsts for some of its home appliances.

No Ordinary Cooling Box

A good refrigerator will be a great companion to any household. With Samsung’s Smart Refrigeration Solutions, messy and unorganized storage is a thing of the past, let alone a hard and edgy boxed fridge.

Its extensive refrigeration range is marked by its stylish design and great functionality. Families will love the French Door Refrigerator for its capacity for large storage. Big by normal standards, the French Door has already three extra cubic feet of volume compared to conventional models. Yet, Samsung smartly maximizes its interior space in the same external frame, offering up to 400 liter capacity.

From a week to a month’s groceries, its multi compartments lend great efficiency for food organization. You can easily separate frequently accessed food items in the mid drawer that comes with an adjustable Smart Divider. Here, kids can just access favorite food and beverages from this mid section without needing to open the entire fridge.

One does not have to worry too much about frost build up or odors mixing in your fridge. Samsung’s revolutionary Twin Cooling Plus® technology features twin evaporators and independent cooling compartments to prevent smells to mix or even linger throughout the fridge. It also ensures food and beverages stay fresher for a longer period of time, with optimum humidity.

What’s more, it allows you to control and select different temperatures for the different compartments via its new sleek Café Look Dispenser, which illuminates an icy-blue light on a full touch panel display. You may wonder why you would need such a big refrigerator for given that you are probably staying in a studio suite.

Samsung still has the conventional single door and two door refrigerators, only that Samsung makes it better with bigger door guards, moist fresh zones and anti-bacterial coating, among other smart features, all contained within a smart exterior.

For the more stylish, you may find yourself drawn in to its Premium Edition ‘Jewelry’ Refrigerator that can suit any style with its suave blue-black beauty embedded with jewelry.

Its Champagne Handle sparkles softly in pink and gold lines as it illuminates light on the handle bar. It comes with a cool wine shelf too. This will definitely add the glitz back to your otherwise ordinary pad.

An All-knowing Cook

When you need to fix that quick bite, Samsung’s Omni-Pro Microwave Convection Oven is one kitchen mate that one cannot go without. It proudly takes the seat as the world’s first Multi Sensor Technology being developed and used for its oven. Its humidity and weight sensors are able to detect the weight and moisture of your recipe and thus able to suggest an optimal cooking time and mode. What’s more, you can even cook two different recipes of two cooking modes of two different times, all at the same time – such precision in cooking!

Samsung’s Omni-Pro Microwave Convection Oven – the kitchen mate you can’t do without.

Precision cooking using the world’s Multi Sensor Technology.

A smart home deserves a brilliant kitchen equipped with modern and reliable appliances.

That’s not all, this drop-down door oven will tell you exactly what to do next with its intuitive controls displayed on its wide LCD viewer. Its 36-liter capacity is large enough to cater for the entire family. 

After a hard day of cooking, even a chef may shrug at the possible scrubbing and cleaning it may bring. Sauces and greases that boil and spew within the oven are tough stains to remove, and at times, the insides may be scratched and discolored due to intense scrubbing. But whether you’re a young working adult, homemaker or a professional and passionate cook, your love for cooking doesn’t have to end up in frustration; not with Omni-Pro.

Cleaning will not be a hassle. Its steam clean feature dissolves any trace of food while its ceramic enamel interior makes it easy to be wiped. The ceramic interior is also anti-bacterial by nature where it prevents bacterial growth in a totally enclosed area, especially after long hours.

Needless to say, Samsung’s revolutionary innovation and attention to details caught a step ahead of the fast-paced modern life, taking the ordinary and minute ‘time-stealers’ out of your way. As Samsung aims to take people beyond their imagination, what’s stopping you from revolutionizing your kitchen into a smart one?

“…Samsung aims to invent technology that will drive the next wave of consumer demand – for experiences they didn’t know were possible.” – Gary Te