Combining Your Area of Interest and Strengths into Marketable Skills


A marketable skill is someone having a skill that another party would pay for it. In any profession, one requires specific skill or multiple skills depending on the industry that you have chosen to be in. On top of that, a proper career planning requires you to do a research on the skills that are required to perform on the job. Do identify the skills that are required of you to perform well in a job.

In your career, there are various marketable skills like communication, leadership, technical, writing, presenting, project planning, engineering and many more. Therefore, find out your area of interest and your strengths and subsequently combine them into a set of marketable skills. How do we make it into marketable skills? Allow me to share.

A gift in speaking and training requires both positive attitude and perseverance. One of the skills required is the ability to interact with the audience or participants to make the training more lively and interactive instead of a one way direction whereby the speaker or trainer speaks or train and the participants just listen. Therefore, for a person who has this skill, it is a marketable skill to companies who require speakers or trainers to speak at their conventions and train their employees in their organization.

What will be your marketable skills? To make it easier for you, list down all the marketable skills that you have at this moment:

1. ___________________
2. ___________________
3. ___________________
4. ___________________
5. ___________________

One crucial skill that everyone should have when come to career planning is the ability to communicate with others. Learn as much as you can as you interact with others in your day-to-day work and off-work. It is so crucial especially those who have chosen the service industry as a career. Unless you are dealing with only machines or on a research-basis, communication is so important in your daily work. Continue to communicate better through both your spoken and written words. This is one skill that you should have if you want to do well in your career.

In conclusion, by making both your area of interest and your strengths into marketable skills, you can be confident that you are on the right track for your career planning journey. In the next issue, I will be touching on the 3 F’s to assist you in your career planning. Stay tuned for more details.


Article is written by Johann Paul Gregory, MBA, Senior Vice President, Talent & Business Development, Reapfield Academy Sdn Bhd. Log on to www.reapfield.com for more information. The article represents his personal views.