Alan Yun – The Chosen Road


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IT has been a long way since his first national television debut in a shampoo commercial, playing a love-struck postman chasing a beauty with unbelievably soft and shiny hair – a delightful introduction to the charming and talented Alan Yun.

Born in 1978, Alan got that big break with the shampoo ad when he was only 18. Although he started out younger as a model, this was the launch-pad of Alan’s career. He went on to feature in a string of commercials, expanding his portfolio, for brands like Nescafe, Volkswagen, Kodak and Nissan, to name a few.

Winding back the time, you may recall Alan’s role as ambassador for Pensonic, where he appeared in a series of commercials in 2007 as a Pensonic Friend alongside names like Amber Chia, Carrie Lee, Sharifah Amani and Chef Ismail.

Certainly his good looks and strapping build helped the part, but coming from humble beginnings his relentlessness and positive attitude also played some kind of role towards his success today. “Always remember your roots,” says Alan. And his never-give-up attitude, eagerness to explore opportunities and tenacious business sense are found evident as his journey continued.

Taking the chances to further stretch his wings, Alan began his acting spell on television and made a memorable cameo in 2004’s acclaimed movie Sepet, and was given a leading role in the sequel, Gubra – both under the direction of the late Yasmin Ahmad. The doors were open for Alan, and not stopping here, Alan diversified even further, trying his hand or rather his voice as a singer.

“I don’t want to narrow myself to just one angle,” tells Alan.

He is a man who chooses his own path. No-doubt he found himself becoming a household name in the entertainment sphere after exploring successes in various niches. Alan then took his enterprising sense to use; creating an advertising outfit, and along the way he invested in two restaurants as well.

One of the restaurants under Alan’s hat is located in Damansara, named The Tranquerah. It is quite unique as it not only serves a fine menu of Nyonya cuisine, but also a creative and delightful decor – with some of the design and conceptualization spawning from the man himself. When asked why he chose to dive into the food-and-beverage industry, Alan replies, “A good chef may not necessarily be a good restaurant owner,” which is true enough.

Managing businesses is no easy task for anyone, and Alan finds that to get the best out of a business, an important part is having the right people. Referring to the saying “Birds of a feather flock together”, Alan believes in choosing his managers carefully and having a like-minded team that can work together well. “The way you manage and treat your colleagues defines how well they respond,” shares Alan.

Being the adventurous man he is, no one can tell where Alan might explore to next – but Alan admits that one can only do so much. With so much work to do, personal time is more precious than ever. “I try to find time for myself, and find balance between work and personal agendas,” says Alan, who plays and enjoys a wide array of sports like football, basketball and even hockey in his free time.

The road has been a long one indeed for Alan, but it is one that could only hold more possibilities. As Alan ponders his next move, be it another business venture or an investment in property, we can only wait and see. There is still a long way to go on the road for Alan, but judging at his heading now, no one will doubt that he will take it in his stride.

This is the first of the Alan Yun series in homefinder. Join us in the next issue where Alan will share more on his Nyonya-themed restaurant, The Tranquerah.