6 Powerful Tips to your Dream Career


There are altogether six powerful tips to your dream career. A career is a journey for everyone here on earth. Some will have a career plan whereas others do not. Both ways, it is neither right nor wrong. Nevertheless, in this six-series of article, allow me to share my experiences as to how these six powerful tips had made an impact in my career. If you will to use it, I hope you will be able to achieve your dream career.

In this first series, choosing your area of interest is so crucial as a starting point. In order to know what you like to do, you need to know what you do not like to do too. For a start, list down the areas of your career interest as provided:

Career Interest
1. _______________
2. _______________
3. _______________

What will excite you? What will ignite the spirit within you? What will be your motivation to persevere when things gets tough during the journey from where you are to where you want to be? These three important questions are crucial for anyone to answer before embarking on a career.

For example, I am energized when I am making an impact through the training or speaking engagements that I do. My energy will be at the highest when I am doing the things that I love. Therefore, your performance will truly depends on the career interest that you have chosen. Choose a career that you love to be in, not just what pays you very well. Having said so, it is not wrong to be embark into lucrative professions that are available. More importantly, you want to continue to work in the area of your interest for the benefit of a long-term instead of a short-term view.

Another key factor to find out your career interest: try to visualize yourself doing the tasks for another ten years or more. Then, ask yourself this question: “Will I continue to do this with keen interest or will it dwindle down?” If the answer is yes, then this career interest of yours does indicate your preference. However, if the answer is no, then this may not seem a long-term option for you.

Finally, you may want to do some career interest test through online providers to help you find your niche area. Something that you enjoy doing where time passes so fast that you will not notice how time flies when you are in this selected career that you have chosen for yourself.

In conclusion for this first series, choose your area of interest that you want to work on or take on as a career for yourself. Wishing you success with this first tip of achieving your dream career. Next issue, I will share on working on your strengths.

Article is written by Johann Paul Gregory, MBA, Senior Vice President, Talent & Business Development, Reapfield Academy Sdn Bhd. Log on to www.reapfield.com for more information. The article represents his personal views.