The Best Navigation Apps For The Road Trip


Never lose your way or direction again with five awesome GPS trackers!


In this day and age of the Internet and information technology, the advancement of computer science as well as the proliferation of computing applications to aid & assist driving comfort and passenger security is truly awe-inspiring and mind-boggling indeed. GPS-enabled mobile trackers are also fast catching on these days with unlimited app models on the ever competitive web marketplace, securing top bragging rights of who will be the ultimate leader of this exclusive rat-pack. The following are the top five most popular GPS tracking apps for Android today.



Google Maps


Travel around the globe or throttle the World Wide Web with a simple swipe of your finger and get Live Maps, GPS Navigation and Route/Directions. Find your current location or search for an address, and navigate via Google Maps or ‘Open Street Map’ (OSM) to your destination. It does not matter what transportation system you use so long as the app includes functions such as City, Satellite, Traffic, Public Transit, Cycling, and Hiking; among others. With Google’s long-trusted map application, you are almost guaranteed to find your desired location and navigate your journey with ease. Google Maps also added the ability to download areas of the map for offline use, including for offline navigation purposes. It works similar to being online, except you will not receive traffic updates. For absolute peace of mind, always download the area/zone you require before embarking on any trip.





Waze is the world’s largest community-based real-time traffic information and online navigation app. Join other drivers in your respective locales (i.e. local areas) in sharing live traffic info and current road conditions to save time, fuel & money, henceforth improving the daily commuting experience for all. As a registered member of the Waze community, you can jointly/actively participate in reporting incidences of crimes & accidents, road blocks & closures, traffic jam & congestion, police checks & speed-traps, and other hazards you may observe or encounter on the road. Waze is literally a free-sharing social-based traffic navigation app that relies upon community networking for its traffic information. It is also one of the most popular apps on Google Play Store, unsurprisingly. Apart from having an elegant and stunning user interface, it displays value-added details such as regular traffic updates and live road alerts, as well as highlighting the location of the cheapest gas station en route; all via its exclusive point-based or merit system.



Navmii GPS World (NAVFREE)


Navmii (formerly known as Navfree) is a completely free, voice-guided navigation app, with no hidden costs or charges. It utilizes OSM map data, which is created by millions of users worldwide. The more often the stored data is corrected, the better and more precise the map becomes. It allows you to actively participate in editing its onboard data via special feedback tool or software. The app itself features offline search, voice navigation, and a seamless interface that somewhat resembles Android. Integrated with Google StreetView and Foursquare, it often generates great-looking and visually-stunning HD maps. Also includes, community map report, real-time traffic news/info & OSM maps which are accessible offline.



TomTom GO Mobile


The all-new TomTom GO Mobile app is a dynamic and sleek combination of TomTom’s latest auto navigation technology and world-class traffic information. Choosing the best route is now a breeze since accurate, real-time traffic data or information takes you to your destination without fail. Its SatNav module maybe physically redundant but TomTom continues to thrive as a mobile application. The maps are updated throughout one’s lifetime with multiple navigation options, all of which are available offline. The newly-released version comes pre-installed with Android Lollipop, offering 3D landmarks & buildings, with live camera alerts.



Garmin Navigator


The Garmin Navigator turns your Android phone into your personal mobile GPS, featuring award-winning nüvi personal navigators from Garmin. It is also the IFA 2012 “App of the Year” winner and leading US provider of personal navigation devices. Incurring no additional data charges on the Telstra network after ad-free app download, the Navigator includes free-of-charge basic navigation with premium features requiring only a monthly subscription, or even a daily pass.