The Best All-Natural Household Stainbusters


Busting stains whilst preserving Mother Nature…


Have you ever wondered how to get rid of stubborn stains from your everyday clothes or your favourite carpet? Of course, you could use the latest cleaning products available on the market, or you could engage the services of professional cleaners. If you have neither the time nor the money to spare, you would naturally forgo professional help. For those who do not have the luxury to hire professionals (to do the cleaning), the next logical step or move would be to utilise “off-the-shelf” commercial cleaning products. But what if you do not have either both options to begin with? The answer lies with homemade natural cleaning solutions. The following outlines some useful tips or hints on stain removal using only natural ingredients you can find at home or you can buy at the marketplace. You can also purchase them at your nearest pharmacy, grocery shop and hardware store. Your go-to cleaners might come in a bottle, but when tackling a tricky stain, it is worth cleaning outside the box. Try these below fridge and pantry finds to freshen and brighten every area and aspect of your home. For more information on household cleaning, please do refer to: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com. You may also check out Tips Bulletin’s “6 Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipes – How to Clean Your Floors” at: https://www.tipsbulletin.com/homemade-floor-cleaner. Also, kindly check out The Complete Granite Countertop Buyer’s Guide. The following are six most prominent natural home cleaning agents:-



Baking soda – Generically known as bicarbonate soda (or scientifically calcium bicarbonate), this stuff deserves a star spot in your cleaning cabinet. Mixed with warm water, it serves as an excellent and effective all-purpose cleanser that can even be used to clean gems and jewellery. Since it is a known corrosive substance, hence its derivative “caustic soda” (i.e. hydrogen peroxide), it is advisable to handle the powder with care & caution – wear gloves.



Vinegar – Like baking soda, white vinegar is a powerful cleaning tool. It can freshen laundry, lift stains from carpet, brighten windows, and so much more. Just don’t use it in these spots — you might do more harm than good.



Lemons – This versatile citrus fruit has been used since time immemorial as a beauty agent or cosmetic enhancer. Famed for its strong acidity, lemons are highly prized as a natural astringent. Its concentrated citric acid help tighten facial pores as well as eliminate bacterial growth on human skin. In the case of household application, citrus juice particularly of lemons can zap grime from your microwave, remove stains from linens, as well as shine brass ornaments.



Table salt – The course texture of this cooking staple can erase stains from butcherblock countertop, and helps release stuck-on food from your cast-iron skillet.



Cream of tartar – This common baking ingredient can remove the greyish residue that shows up on aluminum utensils after you run them through the dishwasher. Tartar cream is also known by its scientific name, potassium bitartrate.



Vodka – Grab the bottle from leftover from your last big party to deodorise clothes and shine chrome and porcelain fixtures. Start cleaning before you get hung over!