LIFT-BIT ~ Complement Your Home With The Ultimate Sofa!


Intelligent furniture of tomorrow makes for a cosy and comfy home living today.

Over the past decade, furniture makers and manufacturers have come up with so many design that you would probably find it impossible to keep up or maintain your home décor, let alone constantly upgrading your furniture year after year.

What if there was a smart furniture that can “transform” to fit or mould itself to your needs and requirements? Fret not, the sofa of the future is indeed available now today! Introducing the Lift-Bit, the smart stool that will redefine the way you think about furniture. It is also the last piece of furniture you will ever purchase. So move over MUJI, IKEA and Home Depot – the ultimate sofa is here to stay!

Lift-Bit is the first IoT (“internet of things”) furniture system that you can control digitally. The brainchild of International design and innovation firm Carlo Ratti Associati and Swiss furniture maker Vitra, Lift-Bit is also the ‘first-of-its-kind’ furniture system which you can customize and configure personally.


Just like most smart home devices, Lift-Bit is digitally programmable and can be instructed to switch configuration based upon simple app commands sent from your smart mobile phones. It is basically a modular, digitally-reconfigurable furniture system that allows a stool to transform into a chair, a sofa, a lounge, a bed mattress, or a host of other personalized configurations.

It comprises a series of individual upholstered stools, powered by motorized linear actuators, that combine together to form a ‘digitally-convertible’ piece of furniture. Proximity sensors are incorporated into each stool, which are used to detect the motion of hand hovering over the stools, which are easily adjustable (i.e. raising or lowering stool height) through simple hand-waving actions or gestures. The system itself can also be remotely controlled via a mobile application which includes pre-programmed configurations, as well as mobile app tools to create different formation or new stool combinations.

Lift-Bit systems are normally assembled in macro formations so as activating a single stool could potentially trigger a broader effect, leading to the entire system recalibrating and generating prospective infinite arrangements. Any number of stools can be combined in a modular fashion, sticking together with the help of powerful magnets. It is generally anticipated that the smart device running the Lift-Bit app will connect to the various modules over a Wi-Fi network. The Lift-Bit system “comes alive” when not used for extended periods and resorts to “shape-shifting”. When left idle or stagnant for long durations, the stools automatically rearrange or reposition themselves to their default mode or configuration.

With the advent of technologies such ‘Internet of Things’ (IOTs), we can now transform our interior landscape, giving shape and form to an almost limitless reconfigurable environment. Just imagine a worldly architecture of transformable furniture that adapts to humanity in the near future – and a living space tailored to the needs and desires of its inhabitants. Thanks to the magical wonders of science and technology, the way we live, work and play has become more fun, enjoyable and entertaining! Lift-Bit is available for pre-order – a single stool unit costs USD900, and a 22-piece lounge set is priced at a cool USD16,000! – HFM