Ideas For Your Living Spaces – ‘Battle of the Bean-Bags’


Personalize your bean-bags for a weekend of adventure!

Upon first impression, the bean-bag is seen as a lazy man’s chair although a couch potato would tend to disagree with this fact. Bean-bags are a common sight to behold in urban homes nowadays as they often serve as a more “comfortable” alternative to “conventional” upright chairs or even “standalone” stools. During picnics, summer-camps or even holiday retreats, bean-bags serve as the perfect ‘plush chair’ for entertaining guests, as well as for parties with friends & families.
Bean-bags are typically seen as a mainstay at cinema driveways, minus the motor-cade of course! Fun and funky – the sassy and zany colours of bean-bags create a real thrill as well as a sense of “adventure” for ‘beanie converts’. Choosing the appropriate size, texture and colour of your preferred bean-bag can be a real challenge too mentally! Whatever options which are available to you, bean-bags have always had a huge following (fan base) who swear by the ‘bean-bag code’.
Bean bags are also a natural addition to watching your favourite movies at home, especially for those with home theatre systems. And for sleepovers, bean-bags make a great oversized makeshift ‘dough bed’ for “crashing” after a long night prior to hitting the “sacks” literally! So, have you gotten your bean-bag today yet?