Paint Your Home With Love…


Selecting the appropriate colours to match your dream home

Choosing the colour for one’s home should define you as a person. Henceforth, choose a colour that goes well with your personality. If you are a vibrant and vivacious person, choose warm and fuzzy colours. If you are a reserved and introverted person, cool and calm colours should be your colour of choice. Warm colours like red, orange, pink seem to tug at one’s heartstrings more. Therefore, if you want to make a large room visually more inviting and looking cosier, apply more “warm” paint colours. On the other hand, if you are painting a small room, use “cool” colours like greens and blues to make the room appear larger than life. Painting one’s home does not mean merely colouring the walls red, blue or green. Selecting the wrong colour can often spell doom or disaster for the home; whether it is disrupting the home’s aura or “feng shui”, and even downright depreciating the property price or value of the home itself. So before you take the leap and plunge your home into a ‘painting spree’ (i.e. painting blindly or in a lame fashion), it is somewhat important to keep in mind what your favourite colours are. As some ancient wise man once exclaimed, “Paint with love...”